Market Manipulaters

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Market Manipulaters

It's interesting how history always repeats itself. It's like they can't make up a better lie than trying to make people fomo-in in a bad, risky spot in the market.

First, CZ posts on Twitter and it ends up being posted on a motorcycle. This makes me skeptical.


MicroStrategy bad buy spot?

Next, MicroStrategy posts that he "bought the dip" but to tell you the truth, he has bought the dip in the wrong spot 2 times in a row! Very suspicious 👀🤔.


많이 보던 사람들이네요 응원해야겠네요 올려쥬 ㅎㅎ

마켓... 어떻게 될지 참 궁금하네요...^^

It will probably range between 49k and 39k (going sideways 그러니까). At this time, we should wait for alts to get really cheap and buy. When bitcoin goes back up, your alts will become more valuable.

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