Thursday gathering

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Hello Steemians,

My friends and I usually have gathering at my hakwon
we just share what we have been through and read bible as a cell group

If you are in Korea, especially near in Ansan, feel free to join this gathering
just in case you are interested in :)

It starts at 10:30 in the morning every thursday.

this picture taken below is the gathering from yesterday


FYI, the following is the location of my private English institution

blessing! :)

P.S: Don't get me wrong.
I don't belong to any cult or Mormon denomination and the people above are regulars from Dongsan Presbyterian Church located in Ansan

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Wow! I really want to be there but it is too far to attend:(
Looks great!!:)

Yeah thanks for the comment
I wish you stayed near Ansan tho
Enjoy your weekend! :)

good work!!!
I love cell group.
we call it life group instead cell group :)

Yeah whateve it is called, it is worth doing as well