1st Letter to the EOS Community from EOSYS (the First EOS Block Producer Candidate from Korea)

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Dear all members of the EOS Community,

We are EOSYS, the First EOS.io Block Producer Candidate from Korea. It is with delight and honor to officially welcome all members of the EOS community on our journey to support the successful launch of EOS.io, vitalizing the EOS ecosystem and beyond - as a reliable Block Producer here in Korea.

1) Why EOSYS?

Today, 34% of EOS transaction happens in Korea. Investing in cryptocurrencies with high potentiality is surely one of the biggest interests of the public in Korea and we all know Korean investors drove the surge of Ethereum price by their significant willingness to invest last year. However, that is not where we should land, where we are heading towards. We’ve always felt the need for wide-spreading EOS and the value EOS sprouted from: securing life, liberty, property and justice. In long term, we want EOS’s value to be prevalent, and we dream of people using products/services built on top of such value. We are confident that the value of the EOS network, then will be tremendous and astounding than any other in the world.

EOSscan.io was the beginning…

That’s why we built EOSscan.io last June (2017), before the EOS ICO even began. We wanted investors to be discrete in their token purchase, educated in EOS and its value. Ever since it’s launch, EOSscan,io has become the favorite website for EOS token holders following the official EOS website.

Building EOSscan.io was just the beginning of our effort. Before the launch of EOS mainnet, we prepared ourselves with the mission to not only build products but to raise awareness of the public, empower blockchain as a technology, and rapidly accelerate the buildout and adoption of the decentralized economy.

Our CEO Charles Pyo has been a great advocate/evangelist of blockchain and a firm believer of EOS in the Korean community. He’s an esteemed serial entrepreneur in Korea who started his first company at the age of 15, and has been committed to serving as a bridge between EOS community and Korea’s large investor base. And with such mission, he has been leading team EOSYS to run a crypto media in collaboration with the oldest economy journal in Korea, crypto PG with 300+ affiliates in Korea, and one of the biggest crypto communities in Korea. This proves team EOSYS’s efforts to be best prepared to support high-speed, low-latency network and capability to stably produce blocks as the mainnet launches. All our past and ongoing activities will be weaved together in a direction to support ourselves as a notable and reliable block producer.

…We are ready for the next

We have a number of product initiatives underway expecting the EOS mainnet launch as below.

  1. EOSscan.io: We will convert EOSscan.io into a block explorer for EOS.
  2. EOSwallet: We will launch EOSWallet to support chrome extension and iOS/Andriod.
  3. More to come.

We proudly announce our candidacy to the EOS community that we are best prepared to help thrive EOS, as we are leading and forming the blockchain technology and community in Korea. There was a relay of unequivocal support already from the large base of our supporters in Korea who share and empathize with our mission and vision and we will scale this by giving trust and proving hard by words and actions. Come join us together.

2) Who is EOSYS?

We exist to produce blocks reliably and vitalize the EOS ecosystem in and out of Korea.

We value integrity, openness, transparency and diversity, as EOS is built upon life, liberty, property and justice. We are not just block-producers but trust-producers.

We commit to empower community members to build new opportunities on EOS and will provide resources. We are open to all types of collaborative efforts to make this happen.

We strive to actively communicate with other Block Producers, existing/potential token holders, dApp developers, organizations/companies interested in EOS.

We are EOS altogether.

3) How will EOSYS benefit EOS Community?

- Infrastructure: Scale to maintain the best technical specification

A. Technical Specification: We will equip with the best technical specifications and servers to support investors and dApp developers build and use products based on EOS. Our technical specifications will always be maintained best-in-class by the best technicians and security experts available in the market.

- Development: Build – Accelerate – Fund EOS based services and dApps

A) Build: As mentioned above, as an initiative to lead the boom EOS as the mainnet launches, we will initiate the movement by building core products such as EOSscan, EOSwallet, and so on, ourselves. In building and launching these products, we will strive to be exemplary in openness and transparency.

B) Accelerate: We will run hackathons for developers, support college clubs/activities to flourish technological development and adoption of EOS ecosystem.

C) Fund: We will invest in products and teams with fun ideas, core EOS value, and deep understanding in EOS.

- People: Engage everyone committed to EOS ecosystem

A) Team EOSYS: We are consisted of committed members in EOS community coming from different backgrounds. We will engage the best team with capable product managers, legal advisors, security experts and community managers to continuously study technology, form opinions on governance model, and build products/services.

B) Collaborative efforts: We will be open to all different form of collaboration, partnership and volunteering from all individuals, BPs, entities, and communities in EOS community. We will actively reach out to those who value integrity and transparency, and respond by embracing valuable ideas and suggestions.

- Education: Raise awareness of the public on EOS

A) Content Development: We will educate existing and potential token holders by creating educational materials and sharing them regularly. We will make EOS approachable to the public, boost investor’s market and open user’s market in and out of Korea.

B) Media: We will deliver most accurate and timely information of EOS leveraging our channels for communication.

- Community: Broaden and build EOS community together

A) Voters: We will encourage token holders in and out of Korea to vote and actively participate in the EOS ecosystem. We urge the global community to fully leverage their rights as the participants of the EOS community.

B) Governance: We will actively shape our opinions and discuss openly with fellow BPs to support/direct EOS community in the best way. We will fully utilize all different channels to be open and transparent on our stance and activities.

C) Meetups: We will host and coordinate EOS meetups regularly. We won’t be just Seoul-based but will help thrive EOS community in other regions in and out of Korea and support their meetups and events.

4) Our Thoughts on Voter rewards

We support the effort to NOT reward voters directly as we run our candidacy before the mainnet launch. We WON’T directly reward voters, but will use block rewards to vitalize the ecosystem; educating people, incubating and funding dApps. This is for the good of ALL – EOS Community. It is not the time to earn support and fame through monetarily allure investors, but time to invest in the development of our technology and people in long-term. When block rewards are used to build better infrastructure for EOS ecosystem, the gain of investors will scale. We will prove this by flourishing the Korean investor’s EOS community as a first step. We ask for other BPs to join this movement to commit to resist paid-for voting.

5) And our journey begins with ALL of you

EOSYS will strive to empower the community, by investing in essential apps that EOS needs, helping build and support new dApps, and providing education to a wider audience on the benefits of EOS and decentralization. We will be open and transparent in how are funds and rewards used and actively voice our stance on upgrades, dispute resolution, and hardforks.

At least in Korea, this is what we’ve been doing all the time, and now it’s for us to ask for your help – all members of EOS community around the globe – to be with us.

We cannot do this alone. We don’t want to do this alone. We don’t have to do this alone. Please contact us whenever, wherever you’d like to collaborate. This is not limited to other prominent BP candidates, but communities, corporates, developers and so on.

It is not a single individual/ organization/ community that builds EOS, but us All. We believe that’s where true ideology and value of EOS lies on.

Hope to continue the conversation we start today with all of you and welcome your questions, suggestions, criticisms or support in anyway along the way.

Join us and be part of the Korean EOS community, subscribe/follow us below to keep updated on our journey to vitalize the EOS ecosystem.

Best Regards,



Website: http://eosys.io

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@eosys

Medium: https://medium.com/@eosys

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@EOSYS_IO

Telegram (English): https://t.me/EOSYSIO

Telegram (Korean): http://t.me/EOSYSIOKOR


It is amazing for the blockchain of EOS and the community of EOS too around the world.

Thank you for your interest :) We’ll make this ecosystem better and better.

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EOS becoming trully global system, good work!

Please be with us!!

Great to have you as a candidate! Welcome.

Great to see you here Thomas, we’ll do our best!