Basic Grammar for everyone ( About article A and An )

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Hello everybody want to know grammar tip. In this section I want to share basic grammar for you. This is only basic for you. Please share and support me.


The following part we always use article a and an.

  1. Jobs
    When we say what people's jobs are, we usually use a/an.
    ● He's an architect.
    ● She's a scientist.
    ● My grandmother was a teacher.

  2. Singular nouns
    Indefinite article (a/an)
    When we talk about something for the first time, or something that is part of a group or type.

For Example
● I saw a good film yesterday.
● Do you want a drink ?

  1. Exception
    We use a when the word that follows it begins with a consonant sound. We use an when it's followed by a vowel sound. This makes pronunciation easier.
    ● She has a university degree.
    ● It took me an hour to get home.
    ● A European/ a one-way street
    ● An MBA/ an honest opinion

Next time I will share about article "The" . Thank you for your support.

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