$4 Million USD Invested by Institutions Increasing Synthetix Liquidity

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Synthetix has shot up by around 300% in the past three months. Holders of this asset have seen their investment bloom into a magnificent portfolio pick.

SNX has gone from 68 cents to nearly four dollars. If it can continue down this trajectory is unknown.

All that can be known are the facts. Institutions will always do their best to look out for their best interest.

These companies are a valuable asset not just for SNX but for the crypto echo system as a whole.

These companies have resources that will be focused on insuring that their investment is not inhibited in any way by the powers that be.

They will open doors that others can use after them which will propel crypto into a new age.

One of the companies are the creators of SNX.tools Framwork Ventures.

ParaFi Capital who had invested and has increased their SNX holdings.

DTC Capital writer of a company newsletter that provides DeFi data to institutions.

Hashed which places their focus on the Korean market.

Three Arrows which has a trading strategy that may balance the debt pool.

And IOSG whom seems to be focused on China do is also looking at all major markets around the world.

We are at the early stages of a decentralized derivatives market with the potential to become something that is much more advanced then the current system that is in place.

As the Pandemic takes hold of most of the world and money printing is ever increased at an exponential rate an opportunity has been seized by Synthetix to provide a more effective system than the one we currently rely on.