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RE: Snax #NewsUpdate

in #kr2 years ago

Sorry if is not the right place for question like this, but I don't know where to ask .... I have a problem. I had to uninstall Google Chrome some time ago. Then I installed Opera browser. Now, when I installed again in the new browser I can't reach my old account @borjan ... when I go to my wallet I write the password and the 12 words phrase that I got back then when I linked the Snax to Steemit and it works ... but then the notification pops up that sais that there is no account linked to my wallet and that I have to create an account ... but I allready have one ... ten minutes ago I tried to make a new account borjan2 and tried to link it, made the post on Steemit but doesn't work that way neither ... becouse my Steemit account is already linked to the @borjan account ... what should I do?