Spring has come 봄 봄 봄이 왔어요

in kr •  2 years ago 

영상 22도까지 오르고 밤에도 마치 초여름 같아서
어젯밤에 1시간 산책을 했습니다.
It was 22 degrees and it was like early summer at night.
I took an hour walk last night.

날씨뿐만 아니라 코를 통해서도 봄이 왔음을 알수 있었어요.
It was not only the weather but also through my nose that I could feel spring has come .

아침에 이비인후과 다녀 왔습니다.
스페인 산 에바스텔 약 하루에 한알 먹으면 살것 같습니다.
I went to see a doctor and was prescribed.
Spain manufactured allegy medicine.

Spring season pollen allergy.
봄철 꽃가루 알러지 조심하세요.

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