Buy or Sell a VPN & More with QLC Chain 购买或出售虚拟专用网络等

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QLC Chain goal is to make internet usage private by letting people offer their routers as a VPN service . A market has been built in which users can buy or sell VPN services.

The market place is on their wallet which is also compatible with other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

QLC Chain is a Neo token so not only will people be able to hold Neo but they will likely be able to keep other Neo tokens in the wallet. The wallet has an interest rate system that distributes WGas which can be converted to QLC.

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The interest rate is far superior to the traditional banking system all do it is very new. Do the wallet has many good features one of its best is the ability to sell or buy VPN services.

Currently VPN services are offered by a finite number of corporations so it is still very centralized. QLC decentralizes VPN services which provides another layer of protection for human rights.

There are places on this planet which a sector of the population do not have human rights or at times the whole population, so this type of service is essential for those who might lose their life for things that we take for granted.

QLC also provides an opportunity for those who want to have a source for passive income. Depending on the where the person is located using internet can be very inexpensive so providing VPN services are going to be very profitable for individuals in those regions.

In the United States a good internet connection is very expensive so having a way to profit passively from it by providing a VPN is a good opportunity. Currently there is a pre-sale for VPN routers that are built to optimize performance.

Those that pre-order will receive a discount on their device. It is not mandatory to use their VPN router do if a person wants to use their current router it must be compatible with QLC Shannon Consensus protocol to be able to run a full node.

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An SDK is also being built so that developers can implement QLC tech in their DAPPS. QLC is also looking into developing a decentralized firewall that will add protection to those using or providing VPN services.

QLC is also doing research and development to create a QLC content search engine protocol. Currently a VPN service market place where ordinary people can sell and buy does not exist.

QLC is pushing technology to new frontiers that make the internet far more private in a time in which everything we do is monitored, collected, and sold.

QLC Chain的目标是通过让人们将其路由器作为VPN服务提供互联网使用。建立了一个用户可以购买或出售虚拟专用网服务的市场。


QLC Chain是一个Neo令牌,所以人们不仅能够持有Neo,而且他们很可能能够将其他Neo令牌保留在钱包中。钱包有一个利率系统,分布在WGas中,可以转换为QLC。

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虚拟专用网由有限数量的公司提供,因此它仍然非常集中。 QLC下放虚拟专用网服务,为人权提供另一层保护。




那些预购的人将在他们的设备上获得折扣。如果一个人想要使用他们当前的路由器,则必须与QLC 香农共识 协议兼容才能运行完整节点。

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分散的互联网应用程序中实现QLC技术。 QLC还在研究开发分散式防火墙,为使用或提供虚拟专用网服务的用户增加保护。