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Let's try to order chicken with the delivery app!


Hey, friends, this is @ramengirl.

Korea is the country you can order chicken in the middle of the beach or river. Not only that, you can order pizza Sunday in the morning or middle of the night anytime anywhere. The delivery culture of Korea is amazing!

As the number of users who use smartphones has increased, delivery apps have been developed. Delivery apps that can be ordered with just a few touches have become a factor in further developing the delivery culture in Korea.

So let's try to order food with the app because I'm so lazy to cook tonight.

First of all, There is a lot of delivery applications, but I want to use the app called Baemin which is the most popular delivery app. Btw, Baemin means delivery nation in Korean.


Image credit: Bamin app

On the first screen, you will be greeted with the phrase "0% Payment Fee".

First of all, we have to set up our address​. Then you can see a list of restaurants that can be delivered to your house.


There are so many categories such as cafe dessert, Korean food, sashimi, Japanese food, chicken, pizza, fast food, etc. But today I'm going to order chicken so let's click chicken category.


When you enter the chicken category, you can also see a variety of chicken restaurants. It's sooo hard to choose, because there is so many good chicken restaurants! Haha


Okay, after I chose the restaurant I have to choose a menu now ugh!! but there are too many good menus... again! Seriously, I'm so confused about what should I order lol.

Finally, I picked a menu and ordered it! You can pay for it when the delivery guy coming or you​ can pay directly with the ​app such as your credit card, or bank card or phone etc.


Just press the order button and it's done! It is so easy, isn't it?


Right after I ordered​ it they sent me the message said it will be delivered​ in 40 minutes.


I took a shower before the chicken is coming. And tada the chicken is already here. Actually it took only 25mins.


Isn't it amazing that I just took a shower and delicious chicken was delivered to my house?

This is one of the reason I love living in South Korea💖
Chicken taste awesome as you can see ;)

Thanks for reading!


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At Germany we have a delivery app that accepts bitcoin. I hope other Apps will follow all over the world.

That looks so delicious . That is so awesome quick ready made meal present just on time.

I will follow ya, wanna be in trends of Korean kitchen :D

We have quite a number of delivery apps in Singapore but man... the variety of chicken restaurants and the different types of menu from this app! Sure it looks unique and cool! Thanks for sharing @ramengirl

@emilniz Oh wow I didn't know that you have delivery apps in Singapore! Now, I'm curious :)

This is the kind of effective towards business we need all around the world , im sure we would have no problems
I would totally love to order me a nice pizza this night

Cool nice one :)

Sometimes the ease of delivery is just too tempting...allowing me to be lazy for a day and not leave the apartment ㅠㅠ

I know! Especially rainy, cold, super hot day!! haha
I'm trying to not to order too much, but... so difficult! :(

자랑스럽네요^^👍영어까지... 스팀잇으로 세계재패? 파이팅

Yummy! I wish we could get authentic food like that in Montreal!

I've heard there is a lot of fantastic restaurants in Montreal so I'm jealous of you!! :)

Oh I know what you mean as it´s pretty much the same in many other countries these days. You may download one delivery app after the other and can just get all the different types of food delivered in just a few minutes without having to do anything on your own :)

Wow that looks so tasty!

I'm pretty sure that It is definitely REVOLUTION. I hope many countries would have that kind of apps soon...

I hope so too :) Thanks!

으아..... 치맥먹고 싶습니다.

그나저나 배틀그라운드 게임에서 1등하면 치킨 먹으라고 하는데.. 오늘은 2등해서 못먹겠네요 ㅠㅠ

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i wonder if the delivery service reaches to south africa the chicken looks so divine , my country needs this, it is so easy doing these orders via app its a must now that technology is spreading everywhere.

라멘걸님!! 꼬꼬아찌 배달도 되었나요/???? ㅎㅎㅎ
매장에서만 여러번 먹었었는뎅 넘 맛나용 ㅎㅎㅎ
되게되게 반가운소식 ㅎㅎㅎ
꼬꼬아찌는 진짜 사랑 넘 맛있어용 ㅎㅎㅎ

@siritable님 꼬꼬아찌 배달도 되요!! 특히 면사리랑 떡사리가 너무 맛있었어요ㅠㅠ

Looks great, @ramengirl! Thank you for sharing this post.

ㅎㅎ 배민 저도 자주이용하는 메뉴인데 편한거 같아요 특히 천원이나 2천원 쿠폰이 있으면 더 좋구요 ㅎㅎ 그나저나 라멘걸 님 포스팅엔 치킨에도 라면이 필수군요

라면사리 추가는 필수죠~! 사실 면사리 먹으려고 치킨주문한건 안비밀>_<



A great culture for those who always lave to eat and drink!

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맛있어 보이는군요~
꼬꼬아찌 숯불 양념치킨.. 아직 안먹어봤는데..
저도 배달시켜서 먹어봐야겠군요~~^^
It looks very delicious~
I didn't yet eat the chicken of brand 'coco ajji'...
so, i wanna try just that brand chicken~^^

@cookingpapa님 매운걸 좋아하시면 매운맛으로 드셔보세요>_< 라면사리는 꼬옥 추가하시구요!^^

꼬꼬아찌는 사랑이에여 ! 큐ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

떡사리 라면사리ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 흑ㅜㅜ



배달문화만은 정말 전세계 어디에도 꿀리지 않는+_+
역시 배달의 민족!
어플이름 진짜 신의 한수입니다.

twinbraid님 진짜 자랑스러워요>_< 외국인들도 한국에 와서 시켜먹어봐야 진정한 맛을 알텐데 말이죠~

진정한 배달의 민족 대한민국이에요 ㅋㅋㅋ 전화한통이면 해변에도 음식이 배달되도라구용ㅎㅎㅎ

@matildakim 해변에서 시켜먹는 치킨 그립네요><

The menu looks very cute! I like the chicken face, so adorable! 😍

Do you like​ it? it looks kind of angry! Haha ;)

Exactly! Haha, I like it very much it is too cute! Its face looks a bit angry in this menu.

아..이건 맛있겠는데요...
맥주나...약한 소주나..
배달의 민족앱이 쓸만하군요.
아직 사용해본적이 없습니다..

neojew님 한번 써보세요 정말 편리해요! :)

저도 뭔가 맛있는거 시켜서 포스팅한번 해야 겠습니다^^

Not too sure about the eggs, but that looks delicious.

I'm really envious: I only have two pizza delivery (one chain and one local) joints that can deliver to me, and they're horribly expensive. :(

Haha I loved those mini eggs! :)
Oh nooo, here in Korea delivery is super cheap!!

Truly envious. :( Do you guys have any restaurants that serve British or European food out there?

(Then again, some of our cuisine is pretty toxic, and I wouldn't wish that on you, heh).

OMG korean fried chicken is one of my favorite dishes! ahhhh You make me so hungry everyday! MmMM with those eggs too! OMG yummm!

Also, 감사합니다 for your support!

With love,

Time to eat some good food . . .

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This summer we were out on the beach in Haeundae and we decided to go on my friends boat. Some of the guys got hungry and decided to order for. I couldnt beleive it when the delivery man came on the back of a seadoo, I was speechless. Thank you delivery man and 김밥천국 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yes delivery systems are improving everyday in our country too
but not as fast as Korea
the delivery time told and the time it took is perfect :)
It does look delicious as well

Liked the Chicken ;)