There are lot of things around you worth nothing yet cost so much...So be minimal.

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What you should NOT do if you are becoming a minimalist. This is my opinion and my thoughts on what I find wrong in some other advices from some minimalists.

1. Don't jump in your passion

One of the most often and frequent advises is to leave your job and start doing your hobby professionally. That is rather stupid for the bunch of reasons. The most obvious is that it can be too risky and that you won't have a backup plan. Another thing is that you might loose interest as soon as you start doing it 24/7. There can be a whole bunch of reasons, but remember to do it in your own way, depending upon your situation: blogger usually writes about his own example, so think of their (and mine as well) advises twice.

Think about the thing that interests you. There are hell lot of things which are fun to do and also they make your living.


Mark Twain.png

2. De-cluttering process

If you read other blogs, the most writers say something like "throw everything unnecessary away". And yes, I do agree with it. Personally. Think about it yourself, about your personality. If you find that cutting everything at once is better, than do it asap, if not - then ask (you can even ask me) or come up with your own plan of saying bye to your old stuff.


3. Do it only by yourself

Few times I found guys telling "but do it yourself, that's your choice, don't make others follow it because of you". Partially this is true, don't make others go into a certain philosophy, that is truly your choice. But yell about it your closest people: your girlfriend, parents and so on. Ask for their support, don't lock outside from the society starting throwing away things. In my personal experience, first person I told about was my girlfriend and she just supported me, told me her opinion about certain aspects and so on. It is really helpful, cause you start questioning not by yourself, so you either prove your opinion or understand that it is not your flow.


From all these advices sum up an easy conclusion: do it in your way, don't look at others, listen for advises but analyse them.

In addition, thanks for everyone who has started following me, there are not so many people reading the diary, but I'm very thankful to your interest.


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