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Korona Coin - development of the most reliable, impartial, decentralized market platform based on the revolutionary Lightning Network. Stay at the helm always with Korona Coin.

In the existing blockchain payment systems the main benefits to investors. Transactions provide real value only if there are more tokens than a certain threshold. Instant payments are not possible and fast transactions are expensive. Bitcoin cannot support the daily activities of ordinary users and companies due to technological limitations, and the effectiveness of Ethereum is limited.

Both the number of users of cryptocurrencies and the share of cryptocurrency-type transactions will start to grow very quickly if and when ordinary citizens and companies gain confidence and find their advantages in using cryptocurrency-based payments and services.

In the newly formed cryptoamnesia second generation (CRYPTO ECONOMY 2.0) for instant impact you need to focused on partially new technologies and new business platforms and complete business models on the basis of the blockchain, which is the maximum utilization of cryptocurrency, the recently established Korona Coin.

Korona commercial platform

Первоначально эта функция была разработана для поддержки бесконтактных платежей посредством смартфона в различных физических магазинах. Бизнес-пользователям данной платформы предоставляются QR-коды для активации транзакций, однако в ближайшем будущем у них также появится возможность отслеживать все свои транзакции при помощи безопасного подключения к своим бизнес-кошелькам. Продавцы смогут получать все данные, необходимые для должного выполнения их обязанностей по выставлению счетов, уплате НДС и других налогов и учета. 

На последующем этапе внешним поставщикам услуг будут предоставляться не влияющие на безопасность платежей API-интерфейсы для расширения бизнес-возможностей объединения коммерческих платформ с другими информационными сетями продавцов. Среди прочих преимуществ это сделает возможным создание интегрированных с токенами программ автоматизированного выставления счетов, программ регистрации товарно-материальных средств и систем отслеживания потребления и осуществления повторных заказов, и в то же время будет поддерживать простое и удобное использование экосистемы Korona.

Marketing support for Korona sellers

For many sellers, participating in the Korona ecosystem will mean additional marketing opportunities as well as the prospect of expanding their markets. A special web-based marketing support scheme will help registered companies and all suppliers accepting Korona payments to promote their products and services.

This scheme will also help Korona token holders find web-based and physical stores where Korona tokens can be used. In addition, Korona users will be able to find the nearest places where Korona tokens are accepted, using their smartphones.

Participation in the world of modern technologies provides companies with the opportunity to increase attention to their products and services. Korona management will support its business users (on request) to promote their products and services in an efficient and profitable way.

ICO Korona Coin

The team has been formed over the past 10 years by working together on several highly secure, high-performance, mission-critical systems.

The team members have closely watched the development of Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies since their inception, and ending with their current state. After analyzing a lot of previously conducted ICO, the team found out how to provide tokens with a higher cost in a transparent and appropriate way.

ICO is based on three fundamental elements: value creation, practicality and efficiency.
The total number of tokens was determined in such a way as to serve as a base of existing and potential customers in the long term.

Bounty program

The team will appreciate the support in disseminating information about the Korona framework and the future Korona ecosystem. As part of the Korona marketing campaign, those who support the team in achieving the goals, sharing information, and those who register in advance to participate in the ICO, will be provided with a special bonus reward.

Project implementation

The full implementation of the entire Korona project in terms of content and timing depends largely on the ICO results. If a soft limit is reached but a hard limit is not reached, the collected contributions will be used to create a part of the ecosystem with the cancellation or postponement of certain functions planned and listed in this white paper.

Money back guarantee

If a soft limit is not reached during the ICO, all funds received exceeding the minimum order amount of 0.15 ETH will be refunded.

The provision of a mechanism of flexibility

Ecosystem Korona developed certain specific services, for example, the provision of services capable of receiving Fiat currency for merchants and web-based ecommerce stores. To perform future services kleptomanka Korona want to back tokens.

Tokens of the reserve mechanism of flexibility can be exchanged only for the purpose of maintaining reserves of Fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies for faster and more effective implementation of the ecosystem services Korona for connected users. The reserves will be held in separate accounts and not used to Finance costs.

Site: https://koronacoin.io

WhitePaper: https://koronacoin.io/Documents/KoronaEcosystemWhitePaperFinal.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/koronacoinio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoronaCoin

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/koronacoin/

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1798669;sa=summary

Bountyhive Username: vismirn


Very interesting idea of the project, I think the project has a big future!

The project looks quite promising

Glitzkoin is a highly advanced trading platform on the blockchain. I really liked the idea! Now all financial calculations will be much easier and they will be transparent and safe!

A great revolutionary idea of the project!

Interesting ! will check more)

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