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Cryptocurrency staking system is a system which enables blockchains network to work more efficiently and at the same time maintaining higher degree of decentralization and security .The staking system implements Proof of Stakes consensus mechanism (PoS) .Taking a critical look at this Cryptocurrency staking system we'll observe it helps in maintaining stability in Cryptocurrency industry.Investors stake their crypto assets for long term and earn rewards in return . In this article, i will be discussing about Pool-X platform ,a modern PoS Mining pool designed to support the lockup cryptocurrency transactions .


Pool-X is a very robust crypto staking and trading ecosystem , the developments of its ecosystem still progresses while it offers wide ranges of services such as Node integrations, liquidity trading market and the operational solutions. Pool-X offers a trading platform which allows users participate in nodes operations and staking pools.Pool-X concepts is quite different compared to any other staking platform ,Pool-X staking platform allows users to unstake their crypto assets at any time ,this approach enable rooms for adaptability to the changing market situation.Pool-X creates this possibility through the implementation of liquidity certificates representing the ownership of a particular amount of staked coins or tokens which can also be traded with one another in the platform .

Pool-X markets focuses on developing and improving generally the cryptocurrency staking market in general . This simply means their operations goes beyond trading of staked tokens ,it offers a user friendly and easy to access platform , node Supermarket services which allows users joining nodes ,finding multi-currency wallet, storing their tokens .

As i did mention earlier, Poo-X liquidity service allows the platform operation going smoothly without any form of frictions. Users are opportune to withdraw their stakes coins anytime .This simply means they can unstake their coins at any time and withdraw their funds without any delay. The Liquidity evaluation system is a parameter that measures liquidity of each cryptocurrency integrated with each Pool-X Node.The system enable the allocation adjustments from staked mining , indicating the assets liquidity and establishing index parameters via reading the open order price and depth on exchanges.

In addition, there is market for trading liquidity and also liquidity matching mechanism for the class of users who are holding staked tokens on the platform . The liquidity market will allow users redeem their tradeable crypto assets in shortest term through order placement. Once orders are met, then the possibility of exchanging assets with the users paying additional fee in form of POL is guaranteed.


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1. The POL token is the token which forms the heart of Pool-X Ecosystem , the POL token (Proof of Liquidity) is a token which serves as credits in Pool-X ecosystem , it enables recording the inflow of liquidity certificates and also serving as the payment system for the liquidity bids in Pool-X trading markets.POL has been designed to cope and solve the problem of liquidity shortage of the stakes crypto assets.

2. The POL token serves many purposes in Pool-X ecosystem . It is used as the payment system for the liquidity marketplace where the liquidity certificate that recorded the numbers of token in stake by users are traded with other users in a situation where users decided to withdraw their staked coins. POL is the currency used for conducting this kind of trader.

3. POL token also serve as the payment system for settling payment of technical services .Pool-X platform growth develops from time to time following the technological infrastructures advancement. Pool-X will provide full set technology and offering operational solutions to the newly joining Nodes in the platform .Pool-X will become a fully dedicated service platform for Staking ecosystem offering a trusted and reliable staking services .

4. POL will be the native coin of POL main-chain, and will be used for POL public chain interoperability . The Main chain through POL will enable recording and validation of transactions of certificates across various chains. POL coins will be seamlessly for transaction as the native currency of its main-chain .

Official Resources

Website : https://pool-x.io/staking

Twitter : https://twitter.com/pool_x_official

Telegram : https://t.me/PoolXOfficial

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/poolx/


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