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The global financial system is lacking transparency and proper accountability due to their centralized architecture.This means they are prone to corruption as they are using central server which is administered by human .Decentralization in finance is a brand new monetary system based on blockchain .Blockchain with their open source networks enable anyone to create applications, view transactions in the public ledger without the involvement of any centralized body.

Globally we have over 1.7 billion people who lack access to financial services . This class of people will be able to access decentralized financial services irrespective of where they are located. The derivable benefits in decentralization cant be overlooked. Banks and other financial institutions can decided to close their users account on their will but this cant happen in decentralized financial set up . Everyone irrespective of whom they are enjoyed trusted , transparent , open and efficient decentralized financial system. In this article, i will be discussing with the Public about Largo platform . Largo network is a robust blockchain network wiling to reshape the global financial system . Largo network offers 100% decentralized financial and investment services. Majority of the existing crypto projects doesn't have real use case and they are not really focused on fulfilling the real world business needs and this is one of the limiting factors preventing wider adoption of cryptocurrencies . Largo Platform is willing to revolutionize the entire system and making cryptocurrency spendable and meet up the real world business needs. Largo Coin team is working round the clock to ensure their network and their coin use is applied to real life business use . Businesses will be able to use LRG for the day in day out monetary transactions just like the traditional fiat.

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Largo platform focuses on finding problems to the prevalent problems in Blockchain industries .One major factor hindering the growth of Cryptocurrencies is the adoption .Scalability problem, high transaction fee, high volatility , insecurity and poor network speed are the factors that contributed to lower adoption of cryptocurrencies.All these shortcomings if not properly resolved will continue hindering the growth of cryptoccurency industry hence discouraging wider adoption. Largo Platform is willing to change the entire game. Largo Coin is building a very huge economy around his network in other to make it an ideal business tools that can be used in real world of business .

Largo Coin (LRG) will be used as the native currency of the largo platform. Largo Coin will be used just like fiat money across the globe. Products and services will be built around Largo Network which will facilitate the use of LRG coin universally .Business merchants can transact with Largo coin both locally and internationally in a decentralized system . The regulatory barriers associated to cross boarder financial transaction will be completely removed by using LRG for business transactions. Users dont have to pay any form of tax while transacting with LRG .Largo Platform implements Proof of Stake System (PoS)to combat problems such as insecurity , Low speed and high transaction charges . The traditional Proof of Work Consensus algorithm is quite outdated and highly complex . Blockchain network that uses Proof of World (PoW) requires high computing power to run its network smoothly and verifying transaction. The energy requirement is hefty and the cost of setting up mining hardware is huge. Bitcoin , Ethereum and some other blockchain network implements (PoW) consensus and this contributed to the problem faced by these networks .

Largo Coin network uses Proof of Stake (Pos) Consensus Algorithm. (LRG) Coin network is a modern blockchain network that is willing to fulfill the dreams which Bitcoin , Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies was unable to achieve. LARGO will represent one among the world renowned Decentralized currency that will be globally accepted as a medium of exchange , store of value and investment instruments. Largo Coin network implements Proof of Stake system in its network . The Nodes reaches agreement via Proof of Stakes . The Proof of Stake system doesn't require high energy and heavy mining equipment in running blockchain network unlike in Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain system .It encourages Solo miners which will enable several nodes to participate in the mining activities in the network . The higher the network participants, the higher the security and efficiency of the network. With an internet powered PC and some LRG Coins, anyone can participate in block production which in return will generate some LRG Coins for the participants.
Proof of Stake ( PoS) mining system allows the smooth running and security of the network.The transaction speed is very high,every transaction is conducted at instant speed. Users dont have to wait forever for transaction verification.

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PEER (P2P) PAYMENT INSTRUMENT : LRG coin can be used for real life business transactions among individuals. Companies can use LARGO coin for the payment of their salaries staff. The coin can be used in settling of debts .LRG coins is a very reliable and less volatile cryptocurrencies that can serve the purpose of real money . The wallet has been designed in a user friendly interface which will enable users to store their LRG coins and transfer funds P2P to anyone . LRG offers a secured and highly decentralized wallets which allows users to take complete ownership and control over their funds.

E-COMMERCE : Onine merchants who accepts cryptocurrencies can intergrate LRG coin as a reliable means of payment . The centralized payment system have some limitations such as double spending , charge backs and more .With the use of LRG coin as payment tools , all those problems get resolved.

BUSINESS TOOLS : Merchants can chose Largo Coin as a payment medium . Companies can also pay their workers salaries with LRG coin.It serve similar purpose like Fiat money . It offers secure wallet for storing and transferring funds . LRG Coin uses Proof of Stake (PoS) Consensus with a Masternode which does not require high energy for validating transactions .Its Proof of Stake (PoS) Protocol will encourage lots of solo miners in the netork which in return will secure the network and ensure high transactions speed. Transaction is fast and instant .

LRG coin is no doubt the right choice for everyone . Business merchants , investors and traders should see LRG Coin as a perfect business tool for them . In terms of liquidity , LRG Coin has a very high market liquidity with a market cap worth over $200,000,0000 USD, it can be purchased via LRG platform and some top global cryptocurrency exchanges. Business merchants can transact with Largo coin both locally and internationally in a decentralized system . The regulatory barriers associated to cross boarder financial transaction will be completely removed by using LRG for business transactions.

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