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Cryptocurrency Exchange is a class of business platform that enable users trading their varieties of digital assets for another assets, it could be fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency Exchange can either be a market maker or a matching platform. Market maker usually takes bids while cryptocurrency exchange who serve as matching platform only charges fees for their services. We shall not do without explaining about Market Liquidity, its importance in Cryptocurrency Exchanges. We all know Liquidity is obviously one of the major challenges of cryptocurrency Exchanges.Trading activities will never be smooth in an exchange where there is illiquidity. Availability of liquidity will allow traders to trade friction-less and with ease. How long it takes to make an order in an exchange is determined by the exchange liquidity structure. It can be disgusting if a customer makes an order which is taking forever to get filled in an exchange. This shows a sign of insufficient liquidity in such platform.

Today, am going to focus my topic of discussion on a game changing blockchain Powered Digital Currency trading Platform named ExTons. It is a unique Cryptocurrency exchange platform which focuses on improving Cryptocurrency trading services and making trading more secured, profitable, and simplified for their Global customers.

ExTons Team has made many approaches to ensure all these get accomplished.The Team of ExTons Platform consists of experts all around the World which includes: some high ranked technologist, Bockchain developers, global marketers, and some professional traders with decades of experience in cryptocurrency trading.

The team has conducted extensive research regarding the prevalent problems in Cryptocurrency Exchange ecosystem and have realized 2 major problems which include:Insecurity and illiquidity, though there are some other problems which they are willing to solve but the team is focusing on proffering a sustainable solution to the aforementioned problems to simplify the process of trading and tightened the security of the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem.

The exchange architecture is designed with high speed of transaction per second. It can handle up to 100,000 transactions within a second .As I did say earlier, Security is taken as a priority in ExTons exchange. Customers' assets are stored with a high level of security, it uses cold wallets to store and secure 95% of their customer's assets that makes it not been able to accessed on a regular basis. Users can withdraw their assets at their desired time. With the security system adopted by ExTons platform, only 3% of the platform assets can be affected in the case of hacks or attack, the rest 97% are highly secured.
As i mentioned earlier, security and safety of customers' assets is of paramount importance in ExTons exchange and adopting such security system will allow more traders patronizing the platform as traders always seek safety, the more the patronage, the more the liquids in the platform.ExTons Community management service is very excellent, they always keep their investors updated regarding the state of developments. Future goals, plans, and achievement are shared with their clients in a transparent manner. Below, i will list the features of ExTons platform

(i) Spot trading (ii) Instant Exchange (ii) Investment platform (iv) Social trading and Copy trading (iv) Staking platforms


1. Extremely Lower transaction charges: Customers profitability is of paramount importance, to ensure fair charges,the platform charges low transaction fee, this price is quite fair to compare to how other exchanges charge their users.
2. Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchanges: There are lots of trading platforms that are not regulated or Registered, they operate illegally and eventually do away with customers' funds as no one will be held responsible. Extons is a regulated and registered company , they are registered and authorized to carry out financial and insurances services.
3. Secured Wallet: It is no news security is the major challenge faced by most exchanges, To get rid of the security challenges, ExTONS store majority of the customer's funds in cold storage ,97% funds are in safe Cold storage. Users are also mandated to activate their 2-factor Authentication to keep their individual account and assets safe from any kind of theft.
4. Users-friendly interface: Liqio platform offer easy to use platform that is free from any operational complexity. You don't have to be tech savvy before operating on Liqio platform. Users will be able to interact with the platform and access every feature of the platform.Web platform is currently available and in the soonest time the mobile apps will be made available.


ExTons Cryptocurrency Exchange stands out amongs any ever existing Cryptocurrency Exchange. The team believes the primary motive of business is Profitability and this motivate the team to release a ground breaking Investment program in their platform which will enable investorrs earn passive income without any extra efforts.

Currently , EXTONS is offering TONS investment packages which will enable investors access to multiple investment packages with differents range of ROI . What are you waiting for? It wont be good to be miss this ample investment opportunity.Be part of something HUGE .

EXTONS Official links
Website : http://www.extons.io/register?r=851287
Whitepaper : https://www.extons.io/whitepaper
ThisOption : https://thisoption.com/
Medium : https://medium.com/@thisoption.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thisoptionexchange/
Telegram : https://t.me/thisoption

Bitcointalk username :koremodupe
Bitcointalk profile url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2681359
TONS Address : TFcfPpkDg1icqdUBbVEn6jA5tRNkY1B9C

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