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Introducing Avalanche network

Avalanche Project is a project led by Professor Emin Gun Sirer , a proffesor in Cornell University and Co founded by Kevin Sekniqi and Ted Yin (CS)Phd respectively. There are countless blockchain projects developed in cryptosphere but majority of them doesn't solve any problems nor have any special features .All are repetitions of the existing concepts .None of them could address the prevalent problems in blockchain networks. The Team of Avalanche network has emerged with something different , a blockchain protocol that will solve the major challenges in the blockchain industry . Avalanche is a complete evolution in blockchain industry .

Avalanche was able to raise a sum of $6,000,000 USD in February from their private investors .Public token sale which was conducted on July 17 was a very huge success. The total Pool of AVAX token offered for public was oversubscribed within a period of 3hrs . Among the major stakeholders in Avalanche company includes Andressen

Horowitz, Former CTO of Coinbase (Balaji Srinivasan) ,Ramtin Naimi of Abstract Ventures,Metaastabe,Polychain and Initialized. These group of investors have confidence in the future of the ground breaking technology delivered by Avalanche .

Avalanche network focuses on creating a consensus which can work more effectively like that of Bitcoin Proof of Stake , they have achieved a consensus system which could work more efficiently with less computation power , this is indeed a break through technology that will turn around the entire world of blockchain.


(a) AVALANCHE ENABLES LAUNCH OF CUSTOMIZED BLOCKCHAIN BOTH PRIVATE AND PUBLIC :Users can deploy blockchain which fits their own application needs on the network . Users can as well develop their own virtual machine and dictate the mode of operation .

(b) CREATION AND TRADING OF DIGITAL ASSETS: Avalanche allows the launch of Smart assets .Real world assets can also be tokenized on Avalanche network.One amazing feature users will enjoy is users create set rules on how they want DApss and blockchain to operate.

(c) IT ALLOWS BUILDING OF SCALABLE SMART CONTRACTS AND DAPPS: It enable developers to launch a smart contracts which scal to millions of validators and confirm within a second , this is far beyond what could be seen or done in any existing blockchain network.Avalanche is an high performance blockchain network , it is capable of finalizing transactions within a second .This feature will enable high volume of P2P payment and digital assets transfers . During the test-net , avalanche was able to achieve 6000 transaction per seconds.This simply means when the Platform begin full operation , transactions will be done in a second , thereby removing the existing barriers of delay transactions speed and high transaction charges. Another great future of Avalanche is Scalability and security , Avalanche protocol is highly sustainable, it accommodates millions of network participants .Avalanche is also very secured network , that network prevents 51% attack and users safety are guaranteed. As mentioned earlier, Avalanche network is highly flexible and customizable . Every blockchain launched on the network can simply defined their own logic and validator set.


Avalanche has achieved high decentralization which allows a very high immutability in the ecosystem, allowing up to millions of network users being lightweight , easy understanding and implementation with no heavy hardware requirement.Avalanche is offering a game change infrastructure which will revolutionize the entire global blockchain industry .The network will change the face of blockchain industry . Among what Avalanche networks offers includes : Private Smart Smart Contracts, Private Side Chains, Latency ,block Finality and possibility for Acceleration on Side Chains.

Official Resources of Avalanche Network

Website: https://www.avalabs.org/

Whitepaper : https://www.avalabs.org/whitepapers

Token Sale platform : https://info.avax.network/

Github : https://github.com/ava-labs

Documentation : https://docs.avax.network

Avalanche Career : https://www.avalabs.org/careers

Telegram : https://t.me/avalancheavax

Avalanche hub : https://community.avax.network/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/avalancheavax

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/avax/


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