Bo Kwang Jeon Hall and the Buddha Statues of Sung Lim Sa Temple, Iksan City

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Bokwangjeon hall was stood on the hill on the opposite side of the auditorium building. Daewungjeon looked so authoritative due to its height. The steps to Bokwangjeon was steep. The center steps were made for the monks. We needed to get to the hall through the steps made along the side of the main steps.


As getting into the hall, the Buddha statues and the background painting was so impressive. The record relating to those relics were written on the explanation board standing in front of the hall. The statues were built after the Japanese invasion in 1592-1599. Almost of all temples in this area were destroyed by the Japanese army during their invasion.

So those statues were made in the period of mid Chosun dynasty. It was said that it showed the representative characteristics of the Buddha statues made of mid Chosun dynasty.



One thing special of the statues was that both Konnon Boddhisattvas were sitting on either side of the Buddha statue.



The background painting was interesting in its formation. It was not common that three Buddha and Boddisattva were drawn in one painting, in my memory.


I was so curious about the small cloud looking thing over the head of Buddha.


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A collection of old artworks and statues! Nice photography and the description!


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The temple is the ancient hall, the statue is still burning.

Very historical post❤️, thanks for sharing😊

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Thanks for sharing incredible things from there nice to know about it

Inside of the temple is really big, On the picture taken from distance all the details captured together, the painting with Statue of Buddha and Konnon Boddhisattvas in front of them. I like that watermelon that was put in front of Buddha. Being there in person must be overwhelming feeling to feel a bit of part of history and for the moment to think that despite of so many years how many different people visited such places.

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@slowwalker, Bokwangjeon hall built up beautiful place. Visitor can see surrounding area very clearly since top. Sung Lim Sa Temple has over 400 history. My mind doesn't accept because longer history behind the temple. Another amazing creativity of Chosun dynasty. These Buddha statues golden and attractive to see. Wall paintings had big meaning also beautiful. Skillful person's were created. Brilliant captures with well explained.

Interesting story and great photos!

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Very nice art work of God Buddha.

Really amazing that has been able to withstand the test of time. So many cool things to see in this world.

The hall really looks beautiful, a lot of money must have gone into the structures and the hart works.

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