The government is a friend of the bank. - In Korea

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I came back after a long time due to the surging steam dollar.

I think that the government regulations are a little overpriced. Of course, the air drop is a problem that they eat at the coin exchange, and various scams and ponzi scams are stained. But overseas, this overcoated coin version is a kind of business fund It seems to be used as a method.

I think it's a modified stock investment.

Of course it is true that it is now overheated and has many bubbles

Rather than regulating coin plates, we encourage them,
I think I can get the tax and the foreign capital using the coin.

I do not understand why I think foreign exchange is getting out of control. I think government policy is too fragmented.

I encourage coins, increase the number of domestic exchanges, make transparent transactions possible, allow users to coin transactions after they have authenticated themselves, lower the return on the exchange to a small amount of tax on equity investments, To the financial authorities automatically by using computer, the problem of tax evasion will be solved.

I do not think there is any reason for users to leak foreigners by using foreign sites in English. I think a small number of criminal organizations are indeed a minority. The overheating of coin plates now is due to the unrivaled profitability of the system rather than the purpose of tax evasion or criminal proceeds.

Coin Exchange As well as transparency, exchanges between exchanges will naturally decline exchanges that eat or cheat on air drops.

In addition, cooperative technology education will be supported by the government, and new technology entrepreneurs will be able to enter coin-related technology,

It's a case that could trigger an industry base like the old venture boom.
(Coin = illegal), I think that it is too much reflected in the position of the bank that is deprived of deposits in the Coin Exchange.


It's nice to have a coin story on Steam for a long time.

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