Unforgettable Gangneun, Namae, South Korea.

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This place will forever stay in my heart. Enjoy the trip D.Tube, this is for you!

In this #DVLOG I showcase my memorable trip to Gangneung Namae beach in South Korea. The place is hailed as the scuba diving mecca of Korea. Multiple cuts, music, drone shots and plenty of b-roll with custom color grading for your viewing pleasure! Shot in 4k and down-scaled to 1080p HD for dtube. Possibly THE ONLY video in existence showcasing Gangneung Namae in it's full glory!

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Very beautiful, I have yet to visit South Korea

Pow Pow Pow Poooow............ hahaha

Welcome Home, first of all i want appreciate your work because it was so professional video and i can imagine how much effort you put to make it so effective so that anyone watch it they cannot move ahead without connecting with it. My favourite moments are, firstly the opening with that train and it was an perfect start, and the second part is the cutest part and that is dog and every stuff was amazing but the emotional one was when son and father was playing and walking. Keep up brother, great heights to achieve ahead. Stay blessed you and your family. 🙂

Thank you for the ride @kaliyu, very nice views for such a far lands

Wow so beautiful, I felt like I traveled there with that video!


That was my intention - to take steemians on a trip with me! Thank you for viewing :D

i like your video. I'll be back to see more interesting videos on your channel