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RE: The Story of Hendrik Hamel: The First Westerner to Write of His Journey to Korea

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I like this story. Reading his journal is really dramatic. It is one of the forst detailed descriptions of Korea by a westerner.

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I'm really interested in early Korea as seen through the eyes of someone from a foreign culture. Hamel had an epic adventure in Korea.

There are a lot of stories from around 1880s to 1910 written by christian missionaries. Hamel is unique because his story is much older and he was a well travelled merchant.

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I haven't read any books by missionaries. If you know of any good ones, please recommend them to me. Here's one you might like: Inside the Hermit Kingdom: The 1884 Korea Travel Journal of George Clayton Foulk.

You should find a list here:
There are more resources on that page too if you click ebooks library

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Thanks for the link. I've read some of the books on that list, but it's hard to know which ones are worth reading.

The story I red and enjoyed was about trying to drive a car to the east coast for a vacation around 100 years ago. Country side people weren't familar with cars and memorable events happened. I will try to find the exact one when I have some free time.

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Sounds like a good read.

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