KStarLive to Bring KstarCoins to Unite the K-Pop Communities

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The idea of creating KStarCoin began from a simple belief of fair distribution of value. With our project, we believe that we can solve many of the existing issues in the current environment.

Our project will be able to create value for the fans of Hallyu ("The Korean Wave"). Using the blockchain technology, we will be able to accurately reward users that create value. Any activity that generates traffic (such as creating content, reading, sharing) will be rewarded. Currently, fans of Hallyu are creating valuable, high-quality content on SNS platforms but the monetary value is retained by the platforms. Through our platform, we will distribute value in a logical and proper manner.

"Content = Traffic = Value -> Traffic Generators"


Over the past two years, KStarlive acted as a media platform for fans of Hallyu all around the world. Our service focused non-Korean fans that had difficulty finding content or information in English and allowed foreign fans to exchange and engage in a manner that they have not been able to previously. Through our approach, over a period of two years, KStarlive was able to build a follower base of over 8.5 million users around the world.

What is KStarCoin?

KStarCoin is KstarLive's ERC20 based cryptocurrency that will enable KstarLive to create an incentivized fan-based platform. By integrating KStarCoin in KStarLive's Community, we will be able to provide our user's community activity awards as well as services and products such as K-pop concert & fan meeting crowdfunding. K-Pop concert ticket sales, K-Star goods, and methods for overseas fans to send gifts to their favorite fans.

Economy of Double Token

KStarcoin's token economy consists of 2 tokens and is uniquely designed to be benefical for Token holders, DApp developers, partnership firms and all other participants of the ecosystem.

The KStarcoin will be used for purchasing exclusive goods or services such as concert ticketing, crowdfunding, and exclusive goods. Depending on the amount and time held, you can be eligible to receive additional benefits.

KRCoin is South Koreas first stable coin, with the purpose for real day to day commerce and transactions. It will be pegged to the Korean Won and will operate in a high -peed blockchain platform to enable free and fast transactions.
Being active on KStarlive's community platform, users will be able to get KRC in rewards as well as KSC in selected bonus rewards when applicable.

I will provide more updates and please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!

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