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KStarLive is a worldwide news and video curating service that provides K-Star, K-Pop, and K-Drama news to Facebook and other social media user’s worldwide. We started operating in May 2016, but by October 2017 we had 8 million followers from around the world. Currently, we have over 8.5 million followers and the numbers are ever growing. We are the number one global Korean Entertainment news page on Facebook and it does not seem like we will lose that spot at any time.

What do they do?

KStarLive selects a number of Hallyu-related video contents produced by various media outlets and fans from around the world, which we translate the selected contents into English.

KStarLive composes articles with content that many of the fans of K-Pop can sympathize with and are interested in by many great writers working for KStarLive. It can be said to be accurate and detailed in comparison to many other K-Pop news sources and blogs.

KStarLive also composes articles with many things that the fans are interested in like the topics of “idols performing in the rain at Korea University festivals” or “behind the scene footages of popular dramas” or issues of love scandals. These topics are controversial and the K-Pop world loves to know about these kinds of news. The KStarLive tries their best to be impartial and delivers the best news without taking any sides or any politics.

KStarLive also collaborates with major broadcasting and media companies in Korea such as SBS or KBS to produce performance plans and video contents to convey the diverse culture and contents of Korean entertainment to fans all around the world.

Why “KStarLive”?

KStarLive is a platform for K-Pop/Hallyu and other Korean Entertainment related news so the term “K-Star” is a term that is very important and relatable. The use of the name “K-Star” means “Korean Star”, which extends the brand image which we can see in many names like K-Pop, K-Drama, or K-Beauty, which all relates to everything Korean. It was important for KStarLive to utilize and emphasizethe point of “Korean”, hence KStarLive. The name easily captures the various cultures and products that it stands for.

What are they trying to do differently than their counterparts?

KStarLive is overtaking its counterparts with the facts that it is still one of the fastest growing K-Pop and Korean Entertainment news outlet and platform. Also, KStarLive holds concerts and events for K-Pop fans around the world and is planning to do more by working with Korean Entertainment companies and broadcasting companies.

However, KStarLive is trying to address many of the issues that the K-Pop fans and Korean Entertainment lovers have.

Some issues that were found that KStarLive wanted to address were:

Concerts/Event Problems: Global fans do not have the opportunity to attend concerts, shows, or events like domestic fans residing in South Korea.

Ticket Scalping Problems: There are always issues with ticket scalping and performers, fans, and show organizers are all affected by this unorthodox, immoral methodologies.

E-Commerce issues: There are lack of media to introduce products and many different payment methods for each country (which creates a lot of barriers to entries)

Communication issues: It is hard for global fans to communicate and meet their favorite K-pop groups or stars or entertainers.

Gifting issues: Many of the global fans do not have an easy way to gift goods or services to their Korean entertainment stars or K-Pop groups.

There are many issues that KStarLive found that many of the K-Pop fans all around the world are facing. But, we have found a solution to resolve most of the problems.

Solutions to the Problems:

We found an ICO which is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency on Ethereum ERC20. It is called KStarCoin, ICO providing a platform to unite entertainment with their fans. This ICO was developed to enable decentralized exchange and all forms of smart contacts by utilizing Ethereum safety and technology.

There are many issues that many people face, including K-Pop fans, and some of the issues that the KStarCoin ICO is trying to circumvent as a cryptocurrency and a blockchain is to offer a safe haven from the restrictions that strict capitals have in place in many countries to control the flow of money and to maintain high taxes. Also, cryptocurrencies are the new alternative to fiat currencies. We do not know how long fiat currencies can maintain their reliability and stability. Also, the trust for private banks and financial entities are lacking transparency and they do not let the public know about how the financial sectors are really doing.

By providing a blockchain and an alternative cryptocurrency, KStarCoin is able to build upon the foundation of offering frictionless transactions and to maintain the purpose of inflation control. Also, the offer of a cryptocurrency by KStarCoin ICO, called KStarCoin (KSC), assures the users of high-security protocols and processes that would verify transactions that take place. Illegal and immoral actions such as counterfeiting, money laundering, and fraud would be diminished.

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