Q & A: SuperNET, Iguana, and the Role of Komodo

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What is SuperNET?

SuperNET is a framework which has many applications built on top of it. Anyone is free to create those applications, as it is an open source project. SuperNET is creating a couple of reference applications to showcase its usefulness and to provide future revenue streams for development.

SuperNET's mission is to unite the fragmented crypto ecosystem against its true enemy: fiat currencies. This is achieved by solving the main bottlenecks crypto has: scalability, speed, privacy and price stability. The projects are being developed under the same roof and therefore they don't have to resolve the same problems over and over again. Also as an open source projects the technology can be used by third party projects as well. 

All in all the SuperNET services will offer users an access to all its innovations from one place, and for developers a common framework and an infrastructure to build upon.

SuperNET warmly welcomes anyone to join the effort or use its technology. The lead developer jl777 is himself actively involved with other crypto projects and offers his help and feedback.

What is Iguana?

Iguana is a new Bitcoin and multicoin wallet that serves as unified codebase for the Supernet platform. It has been written from scratch in C and it’s the first multicoin parallel syncing bitcoin protocol daemon, including RPC, that compiles to 2MB. It can synchronize at the max speed allowed by your internet connection and run 10+ coins all at the same time. Full Bitcoin synching (75GB) takes about one hour on top end machines. Coins can also be run in light mode (basilisk mode) without blockchain download. Iguana will be available natively for all OS systems and in lite version for mobile or Chrome app.

What is BTCD

Bitcoindark is a privacy centered coin that is being used by Supernet and Iguana. Bitcoindark will still be included in the first release of Iguana but it’s going to be gradually phased out and fully replaced by Komodo. Thus references to BTCD in Supernet related articles must be considered as pertaining to Komodo for the same purpose. 

What does Komodo stand in all of this?

Komodo is the successor coin of Bitcoindark. It is a privacy centered coin with Zcash technology and a new delayed-proof-of-work (dPoW) consensus mechanism that uses Bitcoin hashrate to secure itself and other coins. Like its predecessor, Komodo will also serve as basis for the pegged asset system and many other Supernet features that were previously based on Bitcoindark. Komodo is used whenever other SuperNET services or applications require a privacy layer.

What is Iguana's relationship with Komodo?

Thanks to dPoW and Iguana, it creates a network of Bitcoin-secured chains that can atomic swap with each other. This allows anonymous, instant, decentralized exchange between all supported coins/assets against any other supported coins/assets. “Liquidity Provider” nodes further reduce the friction of these cross chain swaps and they can also interface with centralized exchanges.

For more info see jl777’s post about Iguana & Komodo.


i'm getting confused about dPOW = delayed proof of stake - guess just a spelling mistake .. not sure, is it ?

ah, you are right! It's a mistake. It sould say "delayed proof of work"

Thanks for the good info.

You are welcome!

Thanks for sharing information

We will do our best to explain everything.

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