Komodo On-Stage Presentation at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Blockchain Conference

in komodo •  10 months ago

Texas Conference.png

You may have heard about the massive Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference this coming February 16–18, 2018 in Dallas, Texas.

It’s an annual conference where hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts from around the world gather to hear leading developers discuss ideas on how blockchain can change the world.

This year, we’re on the menu!

From the Komodo team, Jason Brown will present to the conference audience our advancements in decentralizing the ICO platform.

He’ll be going over in detail our Jumblr and barterDEX technologies, how we made anonymous purchases during the ICO stage a reality, how we plan to implement the same Lightning Network employed by Bitcoin, and much more.

If you’d like to get a preview, check out this fifteen-minute podcast where Jason sits down with the FutureTech team to discuss the nuts and bolts powering Komodo.

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Great to see a Komodo presence on Steemit. Will follow.