Komodo GUI (Graphic User Interface) Update

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Komodo GUIs

Since it’s inception in September 2014, the SuperNET team has been developing several projects for the cryptocurrency community. These projects are built with SuperNET’s vision in mind, to unite blockchain projects in the fight for a fair and decentralized world where cryptocurrencies can coexist and collaborate according to their specific goals and applications.

In crypto currency the compitition is not with each other, it's with Fiat —jl777

Although these projects have been developed simultaneously in what would seem, to the casual observer, a series of unrelated ideas. The overall SuperNET goal is clear and Komodo is where it all begins to fit together.

Around November 2015, the SuperNET project gradually evolved to the technology called Iguana which is playing the backend role of the delayed Proof of Work technology and providing functionalities like a decentralized smart application DAPP. Around January 2016 SuperNET started working on Iguana GUI implementation with a group of developers, testers, UI & UX developer, and dedicated Project Manager. The Iguana GUI team's size has been increasing/decreasing as the resources are freelance, but the progress on Iguana GUI has been steady and we are seeing it's good results today, with alpha release of Iguana already released.

Iguana development

Iguana’s ability to connect to several blockchains plays a key role in the notarization of the Komodo blocks in the Bitcoin blockchain. This ability also allows the Iguana GUI to function as a decentralized multi-wallet that allows users to store and transact these cryptocurrencies easily. Furthermore, Iguana will be providing such features which are not available in any other blockchain project, such as Atomic Exchange of those supported crypto currencies through EasyDEX, Pegged Asset Exchange (PAX), Assets to Asset Exchange etc.

The same way that the dPoW consensus mechanism can be used by other blockchains that want to protect their network with Bitcoin-level security, Iguana can also be used by other struggling projects that do not have a GUI implementation and can use Iguana GUI as their main or side wallet.

The first beta version of the Iguana GUI will be released with basic features at first, and will later be upgraded to support all of the aforementioned Iguana features. The team is also working on a Zcash GUI solution (since there is currently no official GUI wallet for ZEC). Transparent transactions that are not protected by zero knowledge technology have been tested with success, and the team is currently working on private transactions for a Komodo and Zcash implementation.


The EasyDEX (DEX stands for Decentralized EXchange) is a decentralized version of a shapeshift-like service. It allows users to exchange currencies almost automatically without the need to trust a third party. This technology will be available in an intuitive manner as part of the Iguana GUI. The team is currently working on implementing Zcash GUI to EasyDEX-GUI as Zcash has the anonymous features already in testing, and Komodo is in middle of implementing dPoW. Due to the similarities between them, using the same Zcash GUI interface implementation for Komodo will be very quick to code with some minor changes and additional APIs linked to Komodo GUI which are specific to dPoW.

In addition to the DEX features and functionality EasyDEX-GUI will also include an offline full featured block explorer for any crypto currency supported by Iguana tech named "Atomic Explorer" very much equivalent to an online block explorer.

I’ll also be adding Komodo GUI to EasyDEX-GUI that I’m working on, and I’ll give my best to add both transparent and anonymous transactions ability in GUI. I can not give the timeframe, but I should be able to do it as fast I did EasyDEX-GUI initially, in about a month.

as the RPC APIs are available and are responsive as near to final product from zcash fork of Komodo, expect something turns out to GUI for Komodo in EasyDEX-GUI soon. But there are few things which are additional to Komodo, like dPoW, all those things will be covered as the APIs are progress.

I’ll first add zcash GUI to EasyDEX-GUI, which uses the same RPC APIs as Komodo. That would mean, the same GUI will be able to do Komodo GUI operations. And that also includes doing anonymous transactions of zcash and seeing it in Graphical User Interface

—Satinder Grewal, GUI developer

In conclusion, the Iguana GUI developed by Boogieman's team will have Komodo in transparent mode, i.e. normal transactions. Statinder Grewal is working on an another GUI that will have the protected mode also, i.e. anonymous transactions. The goal is to have a GUI with the transparent mode when Komodo mainnet launches two weeks after the ICO, but the GUI for the protected mode might take a little longer.

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