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Blockchain technology is inherently exciting because of its disruptive nature, casting a shadow over many archaic industries. Thus many projects are born out of the idea of bringing an old industry into the new Blockchain era. In practice, however, very few go beyond that.

Ultimately, the reason so many people are passionate about cryptocurrencies is not because they have the power to transform a single industry, but rather society as a whole. Komodo Platform aims to do just that: nothing less than to decentralize the whole world.

This will by no means be a simple task. We have a long and hard road ahead of us, but we are off to a flying start and have made huge strides forward.

Getting Up to Speed With Komodo

Our project started back in 2014 with the vision of uniting crypto. The low-level development has been going on in stealth mode for a few years now, with the resulting inventions now used to power the Komodo Platform.

history future.png

2017 has seen our team grow substantially. We’re all driven by the firm belief that anything is possible when we put our minds to it. After all, changing the world requires more than just coding: it requires making the important step from invention to innovation.

So, what do we do? Perhaps the best analogy is that of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). In other words, we provide solutions that others in the blockchain industry can build on top of. You could say that Komodo is to blockchain what Intel is to the hardware industry.

Our Strategic Plan For A Prosperous World

Our vision is of a flourishing, decentralized society. To get there necessitates making plans and goals which are calculated not in months but years or even decades.

We have split our efforts into three separate objectives.

  • Technical objective: a robust platform
  • Nurturing objective: a thriving ecosystem
  • Empowerment objective: rapid adoption

For mainstream cryptocurrency adoption to take place, there must be a streamlined ecosystem where modules work seamlessly together. In a decentralized society, such an ecosystem is not built by few in-house developers but rather by thousands of third-party projects working on top of the core platform. As the number of DApps and blockchain services start to increase exponentially, we fully expect regular users to start streaming in.


Before we can expect a third-party developer to develop concrete solutions for everyday users, the goal has been to build a complete set of tools. Our developers, most famously jl777, have been doing exactly that since 2014. We are still in deep development mode, and we continue to build more functionality into our platform on a daily basis.

Now we’re approaching an exciting tipping point where other projects can start utilizing our platform. We have some novel solutions to offer developers and businesses; the phenomenon will only continue to accelerate as more and more developers come on board to use our technology.

Our mission is clear: to build a strong foundation for a thriving ecosystem, to nurture the growth of the digital economy and to empower the individual.


I cannot wait to hear the news!!! VERY EXCITING STUFF, i had many issues with the agama wallet. I wanted to move my komodo over, of course to obtain the free coins.... but your blockchain will not load. :(

So no free coins for Sapphire Vixen

Great post, thanks for sharing. upvoted and resteemed XO

KMD is doing quite well lately and has jumped ahead of EOS in market cap, congrats!

Can you say something about how you compare to EOS which I think has a similar goal of being a sort of foundation for others to build on, if I understand it correctly!

Your doing really good job!
Best wishes :D

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