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Ever since the launch of bitcoin in the year 2009, one of the highest investment asset of the last century is cryptocurrency. The price went from $0 to over $20,000 in less than ten years. With this,the demand for bitcoin and acceptance have been increasing.
Just like most investments are risky,buying bitcoin is also risky. The risks could be risk of losing money in case the market did not go in your favour.

While buying bitcoin, it is also important to be careful in the platform to use so as not to get scammed by scammers. The same way we have scammers in different industries is the same way we have scammers also in cryptocurrency. Invest also the amount of money that you know you will be able to lose in case of any uncertainty.


1: Derivatives Exchanges: this are the most well known means of investing in bitcoin.
The type of contract that allow traders to easily speculate on the direction of bitcoin's market movement is called bitcoin derivatives. If the traders thing that bitcoin will appreciate or depreciate in value, they either go long or short respectively as the case may be. With this, it ensures one profit and benefit from bitcoin irrespective of the market condition.

Bitcoin futures exchanges just like Koinpro exchange makes traders to increase there exposure to the market by opening leveraged positions.


1: Koinpro charge universal flat fee for all traders in order to make things simple and easy to understand. This will also ensure they don't miss out from any trade because of fear of trading fees.

2: With the Koinpro's Smart Price Aggregator Engine, it will ensure that the best liquidity and execution for all traders are provided.

3:Koinpro allows traders to enjoy up to 100x leverage . This enable makes bitcoin futures an excellent way to hedge.



1: 2fa Settings: Any hacker with the login details to your exchange account can easily withdraw all the funds in the account and there is no way you can trace the fellow. How can one prevent this from happening? 2fa settings is the solution to this. This creates additional steps that need to be passed after logging in.

With Koinpro,you can enable SMS, Email as well as Google Authentication whenever one want to use the exchange to login, withdraw and others.

2: Comprehensive Activity Review Panel: this review panel allow you to know who logged in, as well as when, where and from where the person logged in. With this,the security of your account is established.


KOI is an ecosystem token that is paid to users who are active and contributed well in helping out to ensure the exchange is well known.

KOI Tokenomics

Total Supply: 600 million
20% reserved for qualified investors
10% bounty participants
50% KOL incentives program
20% marketing partners


1: Double Up: this type of contract is for the novice in trading because of its limited risk features and simple interface . Trading here is traded at 100x leverage and thus settles automatically when the position gains 100% of its value or loss 100% of it's value. Traders can easily open the contract and leave it till another day to view the result of their order.

2: Perpetual: This perpetual contract has additional flexibility for traders. It is more advanced than the Double Up contract even though both can be trade at 100x leverage which make traders easily make lots of profits irrespective of the market movements.


The benefits of this unique exchange are mind blowing, ranging from the sign up bonus, the fact that you don't need kyc to trade on it so as to ensure privacy of its users, 50% cash back on trading fees, 100x leverage, 42% commission from multi tiered referral program and it is more faster than 10,000 TPS. Koinpro is surely the exchange for every traders .

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