The FAA Failed Kobe Bryant, His daughter And Their Passengers

in #kobebryant3 years ago

a few of my thoughts on That NTSB report from the other day .... smh ... I hope the families can SUE The pants off the FAA .......

From the initial presser, up to this report they released Friday it sounds like they've recommended ... for years now ... that the FAA require helicopters to have terrain warning systems;

They decided to go the Cheap Route; decided it would cost too much money; and have not acted upon this recommendation; One that could have saved 9 people's lives - and who knows what other accidents have occurred with far less famous people on board.

Meanwhile the 'good' in the story is future lives may be saved :::: wishing it didn't take this; but if it leads to the prevention of these kinds of accidents in the future I'm all for it.

I also feel Burbank Airport and Ventura Airport need to be sued; I don't care what kinda visual clearance you had in Newport; it's too foggy; land that helicopter asap. set that down. No way should they have been 'cleared' to proceed with their trip; everything else in that area was grounded; That should've been that order from the Towers as well;

Hoping a few lawsuits are on the way

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