Kobe Bryant honored By Jimmy Kimmel Special

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Jimmy Kimmel basically did an impromptu show on Monday night, to honor the late Kobe Bryant. Kobe, along with his daughter GiGi, and 7 others lost their lives in a tragic helicopter accident, this past Sunday, Jan. 26th, 2020. This is not how we Los Angeles Lakers fans wanted our 2020 to start out. It's not how people who love sports wanted to see this year begin either.

Yet, Kobe Bryant was bigger than basketball. He left a mark that will remain with us, for several generations to come.

Below, is what I wrote on my facebook; in honor of one of my heroes ...

For me ... growing up as a Laker Fan ... I was devastated when Magic suddenly announced his retirement; It was a really bad time for my team, as we suddenly went from a contender to barely having enough talent to make a playoff push. It seemed like my team was going to suck for several years to come

... and then, just a few short years later .... Jerry West was excited about a young talent he had drafted; I was in college, and my neighbor in the dorms, was also a Lakers fan; we watched and anticipated, as this youngster 'might' pan out to be something special; we saw flashes .... and then over the years, it was a true pleasure to watch this man evolve and grow into all he was capable of becoming; we got back to the top, and it felt like I was part of that rise ... back to greatness; he never let my team down; whenever we needed him, it felt like he found a way to deliver; 99% of the time; even after Shaq was traded away, he continued to pour his heart out and give my squad a shot - every night

  • we had a few bad years but we still had kobe at least; and he put the team on his back; till we got some actual talent around him; just enough at least, to get us to two more ....

The ultimate competitor. He inspired us in so many ways here in L.A. - his #MambaMentality commercials were funny, but real; they spoke to how he approached everything; and how the rest of us should too .... known for his work Ethic, I will work harder as I go forward; Kobe will live on forever in our hearts and our minds;

I am not alone, in being really hurt tonight; all day has been an off day for me; one of my heroes in life; a man who truly proved there is more to life than basketball; and that anything is possible if we work hard enough to achieve it; that obstacles are meant to be overcame; and from what I could tell, his example was settling in with his daughter, who tragically perished today along with a teammate, her parents, another coach, a pilot and others who are yet to be named; so sad --- so unexpected -- but ... this is life; none of us get out of this thang alive; do all you can, with what you can, while you can; I love you .... I truly do

(written January 26 at 8:34 PM pst)

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