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When our day to day transactions rely on our identity and financial records, there is a need of securing our personal information and be able to authenticate our details when need be, this information mainly consists of social security numbers, addresses, credit scores and reputations.

In today's modern days where transactions and communications occur on the internet, security and reliability of our personal data becomes a point of concern, currently this information is stored on centralized servers by our credit bureaus and government identity/immigration departments where data bleaches are likely to occur combined with limited applicability.

Identity monitoring and validation of information to be able to access the reputation and credibility of the information normally relies on centralized organizations, this has an impact on the consumers who face huddles when verifying their credit scores on numerous credit departments and the process is time consuming through human verification. Its estimated that centralized databases control almost 90% of our credit information which has a limitation when it comes to verifying our credit scores.

This centralized organizations dictate who has access to the information and thereby controls our financial services, meaning that for you to access financial services such as loan processing you have to rely on the centralized organization to get your information despite maintaining your credit scores.

Traditionally the process of credit scoring has challenges in applicability, due to the centralized nature of accessing and collecting data from the community the majority of the individuals are left untapped. This implies that we cannot get financial credibility of over 3.5 billion people whose financial details is unknown because they are unbanked.

One of the projects revolutionizing the credit scoring of the decentralized community is KOALA, by boosting collective and collaborative use of a decentralized community towards maintaining our data and records the Koala platform will empower even the unbanked community who will be able to get their information onto the internet without taking financial risks through blockchain technology that has proved to be immutable and secure way of storing private and confidential information's.




Koala APP bridges the Gap between the community and technology, where trust is maintained through blockchain technology data encryption in distributed ledgers and management of user's behaviors such as credit scores using artificial intelligence and create a trust-maintained ecosystem where humans trust each other.




Through Koal data mining users will be able to maintain their behaviors online where they can be used to gauge user's ability to repay loans through assessments of their credit scores stored in immutable databases. This can help financial institutions processes financial transactions automatically through an optimized identity and credit score verification.

Traditionally the unbanked community remains rich with untapped data, using blockchain technology we can be able to include millions of individuals who don’t benefit from financial services because of limited credit score information.




Through the use of modern technology Koala will be able to tap the unbanked communities, who will be able to access decentralized financial services and their credit scores maintained by a decentralized Koala platform and allows them to have control of who has access to their financial information.

Koala platform which is powered by Blockchain technology can allow the unbanked communities have access to financial services by allowing them have financial records stored in immutable records where they can be able to build their credit scores in order to access micro loans and peer to peer financial services.




Koal platform will provide tools that empower the decentralized community by using blockchain and artificial intelligence in order to learn, evaluate and maintain credit scores based on user's activity on the blockchain. This process will allow financial processes to be transacted in a trustless, decentralized environment where financial records are stored on immutable ledgers that will facilitate peer to peer financial services.




Koala users will also be able to earn Koala Tokens (KALC) on the platform game quiz that will be processes in a transparent manner, users can use this token to use them when paying for services on the platform and also use them to processes information through the smart contract.




Users will be able to sue their identities and information on the blockchain when dealing with dating services, the information will help weed out fake individuals using fake identities. The data stored and maintained by the users will be able to verify their behaviors and characteristics without risking identity data bleaches, users have to agree on consent of the use of the information to trusted individuals.



ICO Start 03 September 2018

ICO End 15 October 2018




I believe the use of blockchain based identify management is a key to solving issues with centralized traditional which has left people who cannot be beneficial to the system unbanked and unprotected. Koala is a game changer and will give power back to the community by allowing them have access, control and at the same time securing their data. Traditionally we have seen this centralized organizations commercializing personal and private data and selling this information's to interested parties for commercial gains.



Koal has mobile application, which is compatible with your device and you can download Koala Android App Here iOS APP here for more information on the projects ICO, and more details on the services provides by Koal Please check out the platforms website, Whitepaper and social media pages below.



Web site: http://kalc.io/
Technical documentation: http://kalc.io/index1.html#whitepaper
Telegram: https://t.me/kalcofficialgroup
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KALC-217367935631867
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/KALCofficial
Medium: https://medium.com/@KALCofficial
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/KALCofficial


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