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I personally do not have proof of the statements of your post. To a certain extent, it is a matter of belief. However, there are too many gaps in our past, too many unanswered questions regarding the origin of visible remains in our planet and an education system which has oversimplified things and has arrived to "conclusions" regarding the answer to the mentioned questions that all the things you mention and many others may be true. I do believe that our planet is not this isolated bubble traveling in space. It is interconnected energetically, materially and possibly biologically with the rest of space.


As you said, there are so many "gaps" in our evolution that's impossible to have occurred just my natural evolution. From a cosmic standpoint, it's like the day before, we were hunting animals using stone tools and the following day, we were building pyramids and other megalithic structures. Someone said "Earth and Earthlings are the center of the universe". So many technologically-advanced species have their eyes on us for millennia but nobody knows why. Perhaps someday, we will find out, unless of course we blow ourselves up to kingdom come with our nuclear weapons beforethen.

I have heard that E.T's would not allow a nuclear holocaust.

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