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And this why I do cloud mining with SGG !
Occasionally, posts on FB get comments in support of setting up Bitcoin mining privately instead of Cloud Mining.

Below are some points to consider:

The S9 Antminer from Bitmain costs U$ 2,200 or more
The S9 has a rated output of 12.93 TH/s at 1375W
The S9 is the most powerful single unit.

It is made up of 189 "chips" (BM1387) - there is no way to compare realistically, but one S9 is more efficient than trying to mine Bitcoin using the processing power of 20 Xbox One games consoles in series arrangement, combined!

At 14 TH/s it's about 4.4 million times more powerful than the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer that supposedly put man on the moon, or on the sandy floor of a darkened Film Studio set in Hollywood under Stanley Kubrik's directorial expertise, whichever you choose to believe. (In 1969, even hippies generated more flower power than NASA/IBM computers could calculate)

Adapter required: 1600W S9 APW12 PSU add U$ 200

That's like running 6 Hairdryers 24/7/365 and then paying for the electricity bill at domestic rates.

Or like running 2 tumble dryers non-stop with all of the heat emitted but much less than the constant whining white noise.

Check the standard home insurance terms - although they don't have a clause specific to Bitcoin Mining, I am quite certain that a house fire caused by such a contraption will be enough to void the policy and deny claims for damages. No case precedent exists, you certainly don't want to be the first to set a precedent.

Setting up a home mining unit is incredibly easy, any of us can do it. But would you want to do it? Claims that it produces "way, way" more are often made by people trying to get attention on your timeline. Especially if mummy and daddy are still paying the bills and the basement remains rent free.

Yes, solar, wind, tidal, geo-thermal and waste (WHRS) power supply is a great way to reduce costs but the cooling is the most problematic aspect if you don't want your precious semiconductor "chips" to return the fossil fuel goo they were made from. Besides, not everyone has access to alternative power off-grid. The S9 built-in 2 x cooling fans are sufficient but not after weeks of running the machines indoors, 24/7, at average room temperature, they remain a major fire hazard.

Yes you can recover your capital investment in less than 9 months. Same for Cloud mining: na-na-na-naaa naaaa!

For the average, sane, normal person, nothing comes close to Cloud Mining.

No waiting for shipment of hardware
No messing with heat generating equipment
No loss with maintenance down-time
No panicked youTube searches if you hear a "pop"
No stress on vacation because of fire hazard in action
No issues when Bitcoin tumbles U$ 900 in a week
No mining pool fees
No lying to insurance companies
No damp and moisture related short circuits
No problem in compounding TH/s power instantly

No ego or delusions of grandeur required pretending to be a computer wizkid

No police helicopters hovering overhead suspecting your home's heat signature to be a Cannabis factory

No need to learn Mandarin when dealing with the 90 day manufacturer's warranty if Sum Ting Wong

All this for a flat- simple daily fee of 0.00028 GH/s which can be openly and independently calculated to verify that you are receiving a genuine, ethical, professional and high quality service from the worlds no.1 Cloud Miner.

We have over 1 year of real-time data and and thousands of members to confirm ZERO regrets on part of those who took action and independently witnessed positive rewards.

Swiss Gold Global 2.0.

Take a position, and get ready for the new contracts coming soon.


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