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RE: Wool knitting (Table Cover) Creativity Meets Skills😊

in #knitting11 months ago

Hello @zellypearl and welcome to #NeedleWorkMonday! Every Monday us needlers get together to share our work, ideas, tips and patterns and support one another while inspiring the Steemit blockchain.

On Monday’s we use the #needleworkmonday tag and on all other days we use the #needlework tag without the word Monday attached. We encourage everyone to share the process of their work with photos along the way. We love seeing a work of art come to life.

These table covers worked up nicely. I love the swirl lines that formed along the way. Thank you for joining us and sharing your work this week :)

For more information on what we do and for our posting guidelines, please visit our FAQs!

Thank you ~


Thank you ma @crosheille
Will follow and keep up with the needleworks

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You’re absolutely welcome ;)

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