Basic Knitting Patterns #4: How to knit the DOUBLE MOSS STITCH / DOUBLE SEED STITCH – DIY Tutorial – Beginner Friendly!

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Hi Steemian Knitters,

Yesterday you have learned how to knit the Moss/Seed Stitch. Today I will explain you how to knit the DOUBLE MOSS / DOUBLE SEED STITCH.

For this pattern we adjust the moss/seed stitch pattern a little bit. You knit 2 rows stockinette stitch and then you change the stitch order in the third row.



  1. Cast on an even Number of stitches.
    1. Row: p1, k1
    1. Row: p1, k1
    1. Row: k1, p1
    1. Row: k1, p1
  2. Repeat all 4 rows as much as needed.

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Hooray, fellow knitter!!

Hi back! I love your paper mosaics. You have a new follower.

Hooray thank you! :)

Thank you for writing up the tutorial😊

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