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RE: KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 02 (Steem Economy)

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Hello @knitrias,

Sorry for the late reply. This is a great post and it's amazing to see how fast our team is growing in suh short time!

I had also already been waiting for he report.

Welcome in our team and the project @racarjoal! I wish you great progress and am looking forward to working wih you. 😊

I have one question @knitrias, why do I have 400 delegated SP now? I was shocked when i just saw that.

Have a wonderful day and I am looking forward to the next report and seeing how everyone is developing.


Thank you very much for your encouragement!! We see some progress and the first contributions, the numbers are important because they'll lead to better strategies for the Members and also recommendations.

About your question I'm going to respond with two options for you:

  1. I tell you and that's all.
  2. You take the Open Source challenge for this week and discover it. (You have the beginning of a good story).

But please don't worry I'll be glad to assist with any of the options!! :)

Best wishes, @Rashia, and much joy for your days!!

You're very welcome!

I was planning on taking both challenges this week anyways 😜

That is AWESOME!! :)

Big hug, @Rashia!! 🤗

Can the short story be in aby timeline of the longevuty statute story? Past or future and any characters perspective?

Yes!! And also new characters involved. Some Cryog dealer being caught or an agent of the Neo-Revolution who falls in love with a Statute bio-engineer. Anything can happen on the branches! 🙂

Good morning @knitrias,

Since this challenge was my first short story in years years, I would love to know your thoughts on the story and maybe give me some advice how to improve in the future.

Also I really hope the future challenges will allow me to expand the world of Coryana and her development in finding her answers.

Thank you @Leveuf for this amazing story. And thank you knitrias for giving me the opportunity to make such a story branch.

This was a lovely experience

I'm going there, dear @Rashia!! 😍
Everything is allowed for imagination and inspiration, I'm looking forward to knowing more about Coryana and her fundamental questions!!

Big hug!!

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