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RE: KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 02 (Steem Economy)

Thanks to @knitrias for giving me this opportunity.

My name is Asaolu Adeyemi (@kaysmile44)
I was born and brought up in Nigeria. My language is English
I was introduced to steemit platform by Mr Atim Karanezi.
I joined steemit platform on may 2020, since then @cryptokannon has been my guidance. She is the best.
My interested area are: Art, Religion, Education, Graphics design
I know little about this platform
I support #knitrias-project
I would love to be part of this project Thanks @knitrias @cryptokannon


Hello @Kaymile44!! Thank you very much for your interest in the Project, your request has been accepted and now you have a delegation of 200 SP and the @Knitrias account is following your posts with an up-vote daily. You can participate with one post in each one of the challenges. If you want to participate in the literary challenge is recommendable that you read the chapters of The Longevity Statute and then re-elaborate some parts or characters on the story.

Vote on 5 of the post or comment of your fellow Members, we will be talking about power up in the next report on Monday. Any doubt I'm glad to assist!!

Welcome to the Project!!

Best Regards!!

Thanks for the opportunity you gave me to be a member of this project. I will do my best and I will no tell you down THANKS

Thanks to you!! I'm glad you will enjoy!! You can take the challenges, interact, make your strategies and savings and best wishes for your journey in the Steem blockchain!!

Any doubt I'm glad to assist!!

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