Happy September

in #kncv4 years ago

What do you know about teamwork?

Well wikipedia tells us "Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way". But do you know what make efforts turn collaborative?, or what makes a group work positively/passionately towards a common goal?, Or what it means to complete a task effectively in an efficient way?

Well it's the same thing that happens in today's world. They only tell you the cause of a disease and it's treatment but fail to say the most important aspect of a disease: it's point of contact. Why do I take point of contact as a priority? Simple!, cos contact preceeds everything. Teamwork covers alot from managing people, managing emotions, adhering to work ethics, and ofcourse being a model: showing positive attitude towards achieving the end goal. Don't take all these into account then you've failed to identify your "point of contact" which will definitely show during the course of the project.

Thankfull for a successful KNCV, Uyo campaign!!


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