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RE: Knacksteem [Task-Request] - Create a voting bot and a function to keep track of KNT distribution.

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Thanks for the task request, @knowledges! I have a bit of experience writing voting bots, so I was wondering if there is a specific language you want it written in? Also, which order should the bot vote in (old to new, high score to low score etc.), will there be separate pools for each category etc.? As for the KNT distribution you could maybe check out Actifit's task requests to see who helped them with their token distribution. Good luck!

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Thanks for the review @amosbastian. I did think about the voting order, but I missed it while writing down this TR. The voting order should be from old to new. Now that you've mentioned a separate pool for each category, I think it is a brilliant idea. Honestly, I did not think of it before even though we use similar metric on Utopian voting bot. I will Update this task with this info.
The bot should be developed in React.
It appears that the dev that developed actifit bot has been completely inactive for a while now though, but I'll keep checking.
Thank you!

Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!