Dude, if you were spamming your links on @klye's posts after he asked you to stop, you gotta expect to get flagged. That's what the flag exists for.

The problem to me is that one person shouldn't be able to outweigh ten others with significant accounts, no matter how much steem they have.

As for the comments, no one gets to dictate that, or at least shouldn't. I didn't use profanity, it was just a link to free Bitcoin Cash tips.

Well, to be fair man I've been on here since the start and have put thousands of hours into blogging, coding applications for STEEM and ultimately trying to build this network up.

I realize that you were just trying to spread your link to give out free coins.. I don't have a problem with that... What really did make me upset was your absolute disregard to the fact I'd asked you not to.

On your posts you can allow link spam or whatever else. On my posts I'd prefer people not link spam.. Or if they are going to atleast write a little blurb as to why the link belongs there.. Something more than just drop a link and telling me to suck it when I ask you to avoid such things.

Can we agree that we disagree on the whole comments link thing and move away from the fighting? I think at this point we both sort of would prefer this doesn't continue. -_-

"What really did make me upset was your absolute disregard to the fact I'd asked you not to."

OMG, dude...really? Maybe just listen to how you sound then. You don't have a right to tell people what they can and can't comment. If anyone did - myself included - how does that help the forum you claim to have done so much work for?

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