Still playing victim eh?

All you have to do is appologise dude.. :/

You aren't accomplishing anything here but making yourself look like a spoiled child with authority issues.

I asked you to stop posting your link in my comments, you disregarded that and continued, I flagged you and you cried injustice..

See the problem there? I'm not asking for you to do anything more than show me that you understand that personally I don't like people spamming links to their stuff on my posts..

Respect is a 2 way street. You don't get to come and piss on someone's lawn and expect them to be pleasant with you after they already asked you not to..

Just have to ignore it man, some folks are just on another level with what they consider spam, I been there before when I just started here, got flagged for as they say using the wrong tag, my reputation took a hit and I manage to get it back up but you just have to ignore some folks and avoid them...its one of the flaws of this system and its one of the reason why quite a lot of folks just leave or go silent...Steemit is starting to look more like a social club, if you are loved then you get somewhere here and if you are not, or do something they don't like you would never make anything here, its not about content, I see folks just post other people work and no one says anything but if a minnow does it, then he gets flagged. I know of three well known Steemian that just copy and paste content and upvote it 3 dollars, one in particular does that like 10 times per day and no one says anything. If you are new and no SP then you get flag, there is a lot of red flags just ignore it, as of today I have over 140 dead or inactive followers, lot of folks that started around the same time with me has left because of the way they been treated with these flagging thing and what those with significant Steem power think is content they approve of

I was kind of on the fence with Steem ever since I heard they didn't have mining anymore. It's probably gonna lose value but even if it makes a fortune I don't want to involved too much anymore - the principles are wrong for long term investment. Too many red flags.

Yea I understand, trust me, I got flag for using a tag that someone saw was inappropriate without even giving me the opportunity to clear it out, it's alot of "social clubbing" i see some folks take minnows ideas and post them over an make a mountain with it, you just ave to ignore and carry on...its one of the flaw of an other impressive system

I don't mind if people with higher amounts of steem have more voting weight, but the post had 10 upvotes, and 1 downvote derails it? That seems pretty unbalanced to me.

Yea I know man, I have a friend who puts his all into the PAL discord, had a disagreement with another Steemian and all over his pending payout went to zero, some folks here I learn, it's not wise to pick a fight with them, just try an fix what broken. His pending payout was over 100 dollars. Certainly folks don't like certain topics so if they see you align yourself with it, then they gonna target you. you have to be measured and selective here

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