Is auto flagging appropriate? Steemit user @Klye thinks so

in #klye7 years ago

He's talking about steemit-abuse. Where he uses his high steem power and game the system. He has an "autoflag":

 Next he carried through with his threats:


Maybe you want to talk about it in the next Whaletank hangout. And bring Kyle with you.

Shake hands boys! Make even! ;)

Don't fight, work together.


I gave him my number to call me but I think he's scared. ;P

Scared? Hardly.
You've made it painfully obvious that you haven't the mental fortitude to even comprehend where you have gone wrong in all of this.

Stop wasting both of our time and go cut your dick off already.. Because lord knows you're acting like a little girl and don't deserve the balls you were born with. XD

lmao. Please don't actually cut your dick off...

Or if you do atleast record it.. I'd upvote that all day

You don't deserve any apology. If you think you have been wronged because someone didn't do what you asked, that is some special snowflake entitlement you got going on. Because I don't owe you anything, and you don't own the comment sections of your posts. Freedom of speech - heard of it?

All I hear is some defiant shitbag claiming freedom of speech while not respecting anything but his own puffed up ego.

You won't make another fucking cent here with this attitude and complete lack of admitting that you're nothing more than a troll.

Good luck in life bud, lord knows you'll need it with that stellar personality of yours.

See how its ok for you to troll other people's comment sections, but if someone posts something you don't like, you go flag crazy?

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