You unemployed or living in your mom's basement?

Legit, the only time I've ever seen someone not willing to admit they were in the wrong is when their either children or fucking wastemen neckbeards..

I've made like $50 posting about how far your head is stuck up your ass. How much have you made today?

oh yeah... Fuck all because you're too proud to admit you were out of line and continue to be a fucking wankstain rather than take the time to say "Hey, Sorry KLYE I didn't mean to be disrespectful and keep posting my links on your stuff after you asked me not to"..

Lol, whatever man, Have fun destroying your rep one shitpost at a time. Lord knows I wish you the ability to see that I'm merely trying to see if you can act as a decent human being.. Which so far seems to be above you.

What are you so angry about? You're the one who is auto flagging all my posts.

I'm not angry at all. At this point I'm indifferent.

If you're too high and mighty to appoligize for your actions so be it.. I don't care if people like yourself are on this network or not. This is a place of growth and respect and all I see from you is a stubborn child having a tantrum because he got called out on trying to disrespect his elder.

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