Welcome to the real world bud, You don't shit on another man's porch after he's asked you nicely not to.. then have the audacity to claim you're being bullied.

Obviously you wouldn't go and be defiant of peoples wishes if you had a shred of respect for others or yourself.

Don't post your unwarranted links on my articles.. or if you decide to anyways don't cry abuse when you get smashed with flags for doing so.

I guess you don't realize that I really don't care about the personal drama you are in. I'm viewing this purely at the fuctional level. If 1 user can perma-ban someone from the system, that means its not decentralized.

You need to brush up on your knowledge of how this network works.. Flags do not delete content, merely make it less visible.

Can we just say sorry to eachother and call it over? I realize now that you don't actually have the comprehension of how this system works nor a firm grasp on how actions have consequence.

We don't have to be enemies or friends... But we could at the very least put this shit behind us and go do something productive.

What do you say man? Can we be respectful to one another or is this needless conflict going to continue because you didn't want to admit you're in the wrong and apologize for it? :/

Please explain how standing up for my right to post a link to related content in a comment was anything to apologize for.

You simply never had the right to ask.

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