You could just appologize for being a dickhead and we can stop this needless big dick competition..

By the way.. You've got honorable mentions in my latest post. Congrats!

I'll just leave this link here, regardless on whether you like it or not! You know.. Because it's cool to spam links you weren't asked to provide!

The only fail here is your inability to admit you're being a delusional shit disturber and claiming to be bullied while leaving out the part that you were being a disrespectful pile of shit towards me.

I'm not a dickhead for sticking up for my freedom of speech. I was never profane to you, at most - cheeky.

You, however, have leveled an array of profanity at me and condescending lectures. And then went on a tirade auto-flagging me. Who do you think you are? You can call me if you're man enough: 480-529-9171

Nah you're a dickhead for outright spamming my posts comments even after I asked you not to. Your free to do and speak as you please of course.. But you can rest assured that I'll smack your rep back to the stone age with flags if you come into my yard again and disrespect me.

So you're one of the people working on this project? That's good to know.

Please power down and take your shitty attitude with you.

Also for the love of god man.. Posting your number online has got to be some of the dumbest shit I've seen from you today. Enjoy the unsolicited phonecalls from lord knows who..

So call me up and say all this shit over the phone, though. Or are you just a keyboard warrior? I want to hear what you sound like.

I sound like all of your future STEEM earnings evaporating.. RIP bud

I crypto-trade since 2011. Steem is a pretty small part of my portfolio - and about to be less. I'm glad you made some money here - good for you.

Well done bud, Does your mother Margaret know you spent the whole day being a disrespectful dickface or should I ship you a box full of shit to your apartment?

5518 E Lindstrom Ln UNIT 3A
Mesa, AZ 85215

If you want to continue this by all means man could kick it up a notch.. People like you aren't even capable of comprehending the amount of shit that can be called down upon them by thinking they are untouchable behind their keyboards..

How old are you? Am I supposed to be scared of someone who can't even pick up a phone and call?

What, you don't want to play anymore now that I have your home address?

Let this be a lesson in operational security and respect to you. If you haven't realized yet you are way the fuck out of your league and not safe hiding behind your keyboard and engorged false sense of anonymity.

Fuck you sir for wasting 4 hours of my god damn life. I hope you realize that this didn't need to go this far but your absolute loser attitude and lack of intelligence compromised not only your reputation but household safety.

I'll take your silence as a sign that you've realized you've made a mistake. No further action will be taken against you provided you show some respect to folks on here.

Do not fuck with people who give you more chance to redeem yourself then you deserve. Further disrespect will only escalate this and neither of us wants that. Know your place and pick your battles wisely bud.

I think you're making yourself look really ridiculous actually. I don't know what your issues are, but you should seek therapy.

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