KIVA Update Celebrating 8 years since I joined this life changing Microfinance community

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Today at Kiva we celebrate YOU!

Eight years ago today, you joined Kiva to change lives around the world.

This arrived in my email inbox today, so time for a short review of my KIVA journey.


My long time followers will know of KIVA from the ongoing series of posts that I’ve made over the past years, and how posting on Steemit has supported and encouraged me to support $225 of KIVA loans.

My first Steemit post about KIVA from December 2016 , Have you heard of KIVA? has been followed by many more updates which have motivated me to fund a number KIVA loans and have now supported 9 loans.

I have also created the KIVA lending group, come and join other great Steemians and when you make a KIVA loan you can dedicate it to Team STEEM

My Impact Over The Past 8 Years

Since joining KIVA 8 years ago I have supported 27 KIVA loans in 19 countries supporting so many wonderful life changing projects. It’s amazing what a group of people who have probably never met, each contributing only US$25 towards funding a KIVA Loan for a person or group of people allowing them to fund their project. Yes I’ve had some total loses and defaults but the majority pay back their loan allowing the original capital to be relent again...and again.


Kiva gives you the opportunity to make small loans to people around the world who are working to start a business and improve their lives.

I’m a Kiva lender and I invite you to join me!

Join KIVA by clicking here and it’d be great if you add your loan to Team STEEM

Make a loan and change a life today!

CA61A55A-0406-43E6-98EC-E53165EF4D06.jpeg Thanks @bearone for the teamaustralia and steemsilvergold banners

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Congratulations, Stephen!

What a nice milestone to celebrate! I’ve been on Kiva for 8.5 years myself, having joined in January 2010.

And this week Kiva is putting spotlight on their lending teams, right? So it’s great that you are encouraging other Steemians to join our team on Kiva! I hope that we will get more new members in the coming days and weeks.


Thanks Oleg we’ve had a few join the team but not too many loans Yet...

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold