- Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani in the book of Jala Al-Khathir

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Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani said:
"O you who devoted sincerely to the Lord, without committing idolatry to Him, you must approach the door of your Lord and take your place by Him." You should not try to run when it comes to the unfortunate fate If you have taken your position at His door , and calamity threatens to follow you from behind you, you must hold firmly on that door, for thus the calamity will be driven out of you by the insistence of your monotheism and your thrilling righteousness.

Therefore, when the unfortunate fate threatens to overtake you, you must practice patience and steadfastness, while reading his words: "And Allah confirms those who believe with firm words in the life of this world and the Hereafter (14: 27) . "So God will keep you from hell. He is the Hearer and the Knower, "(Surah Al-Baqarah (2): 137).
You should also say the words (Prophet Saw.): "There is no power and power except with Allah Most High and Most High (lâ hawla wa lâ quwwata illâ billâhil 'aliyyil' azhîm)."

You must often ask forgiveness (istighfâr), purify (tasbîh) God, and remember Him with honest sincerity (shidq). If you do this, you will be safe from the army of disasters and the army of low self-esteem (nufûs), lust (hawâ) and demons.
How often I try to make you realize, but still you do not understand the problem .. "Whoever is guided by God, then really he is a straight guided person (Surat al-A'râf (7): 178)

"Whoever is left astray by God, there really is no guide for him (Surat al-A'râf (7): 186). "And whoever is guided by Allah, no one will be able to mislead him (QS Al-Zumar (39): 37).
Our Prophet Muhammad Saw. still hopes that those who have gone astray can receive the right instructions, and he so desires this that God reveals to him: "Surely you can not guide the people you love, but it is Allah who guides whom He will ( QS Al-Qashash (28): 56).

That's when he was Saw. said: "I have been sent to offer guidance, but (acceptance) the clue has nothing to do with me. And the devil provides temptation, but the deviation from the right path has nothing to do with him. "

It is a strong conviction of those who follow the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger Saw. that the sword is not cut off because of its nature, but that God is the one who intercedes with it; that fire is not burning because of its nature, but it is God who uses it to burn; that food does not eliminate hunger because of its nature, but it is God who uses it to eliminate our hunger; that water does not remove thirst due to its nature, but it is God who relieves our thirst with it.
Similarly, all material means in various forms. God is the one who controls and uses it, while the means are only tools in His hands, with which He does whatever He wills.

When Ibrahim a.s, the special companion of God, was thrown into a great flaming fire, and God did not want him to be burned by the heat, He gave him a cold and peaceful state. We know, from the saheeh hadith that has reached us, that the Prophet Saw. once said: "On the Day of Judgment, Hell will say:" Gone, O believers, for your light has extinguished my flame! "
A slave may need to be hit with a stick, but a nod of the head is enough to tell a free man what is required of him. "

  • Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani in the book of Jala Al-Khathir
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