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Technology comes with challenges and blockchain technology is susceptible, apart from the scalable challenge everyone is aware of - there is challenges in smart contracts created in blockchain networks.

One of the projects revolutionizing and improving blockchain smart contracts is KIRIK, the project plans to deliver more advanced smart contracts compared to Blockchain 2.0 smart contracts in blockchains such as Ethereum. KIRIK is powered by blockchain 4.0 That delivers the same features experienced in previous generations blockchain but with improved features such as smart introduction of semantic contracts and artificial intelligence 2.0 to help in scaling, flexibility and application to our day to day lives.

Blockchain technology is still in its early development and adoption stages, for applicability in our day to day operations blockchain technology needs to be streamlined in order to prevent errors from smart contracts that are caused by programming mistakes.

Programming languages in smart contracts are very critical towards the operations of a blockchain network, conveniences in operations require sequential read and write capabilities that is delivered in KIRIK smart contracts protocol.

( Video Source: YouTube - What is KIRIK Meta-Protocol? )

The history of the Ethereum blockchain proves that smart contracts needs to be improved as we approach mass adoption and KIRIK is delivering improvements in the smart contracts arena through semantic smart contracts that can bring together different blockchains, Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The KIRIK Initiative


KIRIK is providing a solution through smart contracts that would be able to automate the verification process and allow human verification if the automated verification fails. This would be ideal when dealing with cross blockchain transactions and operations when dealing with external blockchains that powers businesses applications.

KIRIK Technology.



KIRIK project is powered by the meta protocol that allows semantic contracts to be deployed on the KIRIK Blockchain, through semantic contracts, blockchain applications layers will be able to allow communication and transactions on different blockchains and also seamlessly support different artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Mass adoptions of blockchain technology require smart contracts that are human and automation friendly towards improvements in functionality, in applications it means that businesses will be able to automate their processes and also be able to verify and make changes on the smart contracts.

KIRIK Solutions: Smart Contracts 2.0



One of the solutions being delivered by KIRIK Technologies are smart – smart contracts that uses semantic modeling towards allowing automatic smart contracts auditing and also allow purporting of the contracts when dealing with businesses processes. This means a business will be able to automatically audit their processes and operations through blockchain smart contracts processing and also make changes during management of the operation processes.


The smart contracts feature of KIRIK will also allow easy communication with other blockchains when businesses are cross communicating and exchanging data, the semantic approach towards implementation of blockchain in businesses is vital towards mass adoption.

KIRIK Solutions: Artificial Intelligence 2.0



When using blockchain technology, the use of smart contracts is not widely used due to the complexity of artificial intelligence, KIRIK solution is an improvement of previous generation of artificial intelligence in blockchain by introducing Artificial intelligence 2.0 That is user friendly and easily integrated in our day to day lives.

Making artificial intelligence easily understandable is very crucial towards mass adoption and KIKIRIK is making this a reality through the introduction of AI 2.0 to power the next generation of businesses.

Through the use of Natural language processing when processing contracts can be integrated with blockchain technology to allow automation of processes and transactions through artificial intelligence.

Examples of the applications of the SEMANTIC CONTRACT PROTOCAL



KIRIK technology will be used in many industries that needs to decentralize towards optimizing their processes, they include governments, exchanges, businesses and financial institutions among others. Through the use of sematic contracts businesses will benefit from intelligent and easy to use smart contracts that they can implement in their business's operation processes, they will also be able to transact with businesses powered by other blockchains through cross chain transactions.

Partnership With SingularityNET.


KIRIK has partnered with SingularityNET to allow them optimize their operational processes by allowing them to load smart contracts into their OpenCogs Probabilistic Logic Network (PLN)which is an integral part of SingularityNET.




Businesses will benefit from KIRIK technologies, with the use of sematic smart contracts they will be able to enforce a transition through automation and also allow human contracts for efficient and effective application of blockchain technologies in their business operations.

Programming smart contracts to be able to allow artificial intelligence to understand the smart contracts through artificial intelligence 2.0 will allow automation and human execution to optimize their businesses operations.


For more information on how KIRIK is revolutionizing smart contracts and artificial intelligence powered smart contracts towards powering the next generation of businesses please check-out the projects website, whitepaper and social media pages in the reference sections below.






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