Kingsman: The Secret Service

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Think of 007 but rated R.

There is a very good reason that this is rated as R. They don't hold a lot back, there violence is over the top and there is a lot of it. This means that if you are easily offended best move on, nothing to see here. If however, you aren't quite politically correct yourself, then watch and enjoy.

There isn't too much of a story line, in essence it goes something like this. We have a young man (Eggsy) whose father died very early on in his life, at the funeral he was given a phone number to call if he every got into trouble. Fast forward a number of years and his mother isn't with an ideal man.

Eggsy is pushed a little too far by one of his step father friends and pushes back. This results in Eggsy getting arrested, at the police station he phones the number he was given years earlier.

Shortly after he is release from the police station, outside the police station a man named Harry approaches Eggsy and informs him that he arranged Eggsy's release. Harry takes Eggsy to the local pub and informs him that his father was part of a secret organisation and that his father died trying to make the world a safer place.

Initially Eggsy doesn't seem too keen to join, however, while at the pub his father in law's friends also enter the pub and they want deal out their own brand of justice to Eggsy. Harry however steps in and deals with all of them without much effort.

Eggsy then agrees to join the Kingsman, where he manages to complete his training. Another Kingsman is killed and the trail is leading to a tech billionaire. Can Harry solve the crime, deal with the threat and save the world?

If haven't guessed the answer then I won't spell it out for you. Simple put if you would like to see more James Bond style with a lot more action then you should watch this.

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A lot of movies tried to give us a comic book feeling in big screen. But Kingsman was the best to gives us that feeling. This feat is more impressive considering there wasnt many funky cuts and transitions. They gave that feeling with only fight scenes. Well done director Matthew Vaughn


indeed, they did an excellent job.