SPLINTERLANDS: Key Strategies and Cards

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I make my students and children play this game because it teaches strategy, free market economics, arithmetic, blockchain, patience, and most importantly; learning from our failures.


Don't Get Mad

This game is constantly changing and evolving, but the #1 thing you can do is learn from your enemies. Don't get angry when you lose. Go back and watch the battle again, especially if they beat you with less powerful cards.


Whenever someone beats me I invite them to my guild, the MANDALORIANS. It's a great way to say congratulations and add strong players to your team. You will earn more DEC if you own or are in a guild. It costs 10,000 DEC to create one so even the best players may not be willing to create one. I really liked the show The Mandalorian and no guild had that name yet, so I burned some great cards to create my guild. I still have a few slots left and will upgrade to level 2 soon if you are interested in becoming a foundling.

Look at Your Enemy's Past and Follow the Rules

You can see your enemy's last 5 lineups so you can sometimes predict what they are going to do. If someone is a magic lover, then set up some reflectors. If they like heavy shields then beat them with magic. Paying attention to the rules is something many players forget to do. If it's EARTHQUAKE then choose flying monsters. If healing is removed then choose monsters with shields.


I used to pump up my WATER splinter and neglect the DEATH splinter. If you do neglect a single splinter then that may be OK, but if you get stuck with it as your DAILY QUEST after changing it once or the rules only allow your neglected splinter then you're going to be sorry. Of course You'll have your favorite Splinter, but spread out the power as evenly as you can.

No Rewards

Don't waste your DEC or STEEM on purchasing REWARD cards unless it's the few you need to level up. You'll get these cards for free over time. BETA cards are getting burned and combined to level up fast so focus on those. You can buy UNTAMED cards with your credit card or PayPal. When I'm shopping for cards in the MARKET, I only look at the Ps and the Bs. I think the ALPHA and GOLD cards are way too expensive. If you're not a player and more of an investor then buy up all the GOLD ALPHA cards now, because when this game goes mainstream and has an app they'll be worth a lot more than they are today.



I don't like the FIRE splinter so I only have two cards to recommend:
ELEMENTAL PHOENIX is a long winded name when your timer is counting down and you're in the heat of battle so I nicknamed this one, Fire Bird. If your enemy has this and you don't, you'll most likely lose. It's fast, can fly, and hurts two monsters with its BLAST ability.

This three headed dog just looks badass. It is the best card when the rules say it must be under 4 MANA and it can heal. Can you imagine going to the park with this beast? No one would mess with you!


This is my favorite splinter. It has the coolest looking and most powerful cards other than DRAGON which is expensive.
This dragon is cheap and powerful. I always gift this to new players.

This card is pretty useless in battle, but I think it looks cool.

I'm always surprised when this guy beats my dragon. I usually put him in the rear.

This is the one REWARD card you should buy and must own. It is the most important card in the game in my opinion.

You should have all the cards which use 1, 2, or 3 MANA. They can make a huge difference in a stalemate situation. This guy can BLAST and only uses 2 MANA, so I use him all the time. I try to keep him somewhere in the middle.


This green cutie is a must have. You should put her behind your first card. She can heal your front monster and keep him in the game.

This sneaky little guy throws his magic around. I usually put him behind the cute green healer.

He weakens your enemies when alive and leaves his poison dripping down after he dies.

This little monkey only costs 1 MANA and speeds every one of your monsters up. He can also work as a rear shield.

The tree is pretty worthless at first, but once you level it up and it can heal itself, then this becomes a must have.

This is my favorite UNTAMED card. He looks cool, can heal himself, and has strong magic.

She's pretty expensive, but I usually lose when an enemy uses her plus she can fly.


I used to love LIFE, but not anymore. (It sounds like I'm suicidal.) This used to be the strongest splinter, but it must have been nerfed or the other splinters have just grown stronger with new cards and have left this behind. If my DAILY QUEST is LIFE then I ask for a new one.
I think this is such a beautiful card. My student was so happy when I gave her this card for her birthday. It can heal itself and penetrate armor.

This is a cheap REWARD card, but I use it almost every time.

You must have this card. He restores the weakest monster's armor.

The old lady is getting more expensive, but you can't win without her behind your front soldier.

I hate this guy. Every time my enemy used him, I would lose. That's why I bought him.


I love this guy. If he can sneak off one of his arrows before he dies then your enemy's main card will lose their ability which is usually self healing.

This guy looks like a force ghost of a dark Jedi.

Most people put HAUNTED SPIRIT as their front monster because it can heal itself.

This ghost isn't really a game changer, but it's low MANA and looks cool.

If you level this spider up to have poison it will help you win.


This is the cheapest SUMMONER and since he increases MAGIC and can use any splinter he is a must have.

If he can sneak off a magic blast before he dies, he'll take away your enemy's ability too. It doesn't always happen on the first shot though.

This is one of the few REWARD cards you should buy. He can choose any splinter and make their melee attacks stronger. I love to choose him then the dragon from WATER splinter.


I recommend leveling up all these cards first. You'll use them in almost every battle and they can really make a difference because they can join any splinter unless the rules say no NEUTRAL.
At first I thought this was a stupid card, but I use it all the time. It slows all of your enemies down and works as a great rear shield.

I always choose this card when the rules say no healing.

Since the chicken is the only 0 MANA card you'll see him often. Sometimes people put him in the front and sometimes in the back. Either way he works as a free shield.

This is the first card that I maxed out. He works great in both the front and rear because he can reflect magic back.

All the top players use this Mr. Freeze looking monster. He can sometimes take hits without damage. He can sometimes take magic without damage as well as send it back like a boomerang. If you lack this card and see your enemy loves this one then attack him with strong melee and bow and arrow ranged attacks.

Thank you for reading my suggestions today. I was once in the top 350 players, but lost my job and had to sell all of my cards. I got over $600 for all of them in August, but that was such a shame because they'd be worth so much more today. Even though I had to start from scratch I'm doing pretty good now. I'll sell any GOLD cards to balance out my BETA cards because I'm a player more than a collector or investor. Do you think I forgot any important cards? I hope my suggestions where useful to you and I'm looking forward to reading your comments or criticisms of my favorite cards and or strategies. See you on the battlefield!

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Hey, Good post!
Don't know much about guilds, but I am looking to join one and build it up.
I play a few days each season... and am a fan of the MANDALORIAN as well! Lol

Anyways, I sent in a request to join, :D



You have been accepted. This is the way. I have spoken ;)