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It is no news that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are almost taking over the digital world and almost all industries. Casinos are not left out as kingcasino which is a coin traded crypto gaming platform is here to offer all the live casino games you can imagine as well as Sports Betting and much more.

KingCasino is a licensed cryptocurrency online casino registered in Curacao, and it's offering an amazing collection of over 1,000 high-quality slot games and all well-known casino games such as Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat. What's more, you get instant 100% bonus on first deposit.


  1. Kingcasino gives you the opportunity to become a shareholder and participate in the booming market of cryptocurrency online gaming.

  2. Earn up to 45% revenue share by becoming a partner in kingcasino industry leading affiliate program.

  3. Get rewarded for playing your favorite games at a fun, fast, and legally licensed casino.You can use several popular cryptocurrencies to securely deposit, wager, and withdraw your winnings at KingCasino: BTC, ETH, USDT, Charcoin, KCT token.

  4. Our platform presents an entirely transparent system where all transactions are stored. Anyone can check and see the progress of all our drawings on an independent Etherscan platform.

  5. As a cryptocurrency-based casino, it provides effortless and secured withdrawals as fast as lightning.

  6. Becoming a player of KingCasino is simple and hassle free. All you need do is complete a short registration form, make your first deposit, and get access to a fantastic collection of games.

  7. At KingCasino, all bets have a winner, so you are assured that the money stays with players.

  8. All user information and cryptocurrencies in the system are safe from malicious attacks by using HSM technology and cryptography. Even if the website is compromised, the attacker cannot influence the games that are decentralized applications.

  9. With KCT security tokens, there is no more need for intermediaries, so there is no transaction fee for deposits and withdrawals in KCT.



KingCasino offers a large collection of hundreds of casino games and live table games of all types, including sports betting on many sports and tens of thousand events every month. Many games have been launched already and are available to play while others will be launched in future.

  1. Live Casino
    KingCasino allows users to entertain themselves with hundreds of games at the portal, including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Bet on Poker, Russian Poker, and Zodiac Fortune.

  2. Sports betting
    Under sports betting, there are 120+ sports, including individual sports and eSports. These are shown in multiple languages, with live video streaming and live statistics of games.

  3. Poker
    Poker is the world-famous game that combines gambling, skill, and strategy. Kingcasino offers all levels of Poker, from beginner to professional.

  4. Lotteries
    We also integrated lotteries with large jackpots. In these lotteries, users have a chance to win with every ticket. They also have the opportunity to choose a prize at every level. Also, cash in, ticket selling, and gamble options are available at all levels with flip coin functionality and consolidation prizes.


KCT tokens is the first-ever security tokens in the online gaming industry.

Kingcasino is the first online casino to issue a security token, the KCT token, which guarantees dividends to the investors through the profit-sharing scheme. By owning the KCT tokens, the investor becomes a shareholder who owns a share of our company. Investors who purchase KCT tokens enjoy many rights of ownership.

Investing in KingCasino KCT tokens automatically makes you a shareholder in the booming market of cryptocurrency online gaming. Owning KCT entitles investors to shareholder benefits such as voting rights in important matters affecting the company and entitlement to quarterly dividends payout.

Token Holders can safely and securely buy, sell, deposit and withdraw KCT, BTC, ETH, USDT easily within just minutes and join in all the games.

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Great read. Would surely look into this Project.
I am aware that gaming industry is taking the lead on the space. Having an investment in one is a good move. Thansk for this enlightenment!