Anarchist or King?

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What bestows upon one the spirit of righteousness? Simply put righteousness is found by way of right action. Right meaning correct, and not in violation of the rights of other beings and as such it is an action in accordance with the immutable laws of behavioral consequence, or more simply Natural Law.
In ancient Greece the philosopher Plato, put forth the notion that the most ideal form of a society would be one where everyone lived as a philosopher Kings. Fast forward to the 20th century when the Psychologist Robert Moore Expanded upon Plato's dream and wrote the book "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover" about 4 archetypal expressions of the masculine Psyche, of which this essay will discuss one of.

It's worth saying that when ever the term "King" is used in this essay it is interchangeable with "Queen." In the diagram above taken from Moores work, On either side of "The King" is a shadow aspect of the archetype. The Tyrant is symbolic of a being that does not live in accordance with Natural Law by violating the sacred feminine principle of nonviolence. while the other shadow aspect "The Weakling" is symbolic of a being that also does not live by Natural law because they do not embrace the sacred masculine principle of Self defense.
How many Tyrants have thought to call themselves Kings? For Kinglyness is Righteousness and that is not found in Violence. Yet the Mainstream depiction of a so called king or any so called authority figure for that matter is a being who asserts Dominion over their fellow beings. This is a Psy-op Millenia in the making but nevertheless it stands as a lie becasue the "say so" or authority of anyone is based upon a myopic arbitrarily derived social construct. in other words it is not based in Truth. Though one could argue that Rulers and Lords traditionally were groomed and raised with the intention that they would be righteous and that by their cultivation of Virtue this would merit them an "authority" over those who might not posses such virtues. However it still stands that The most important virtue to posses is that of wisdom, or right action, and to live as such one does not Violate the rights of others. This knowledge of the True nature of "authority" and rights Behooves any being who truly cares to denounce the ideas of rulership and governance as illegitimate and to take up the title of "Anarchist" .
Take for instance the Myth of Aragorn Elendil from J.R.R. Tolkien's classic novel The Lord of the Rings. Born to rule Gondor but chose a path of exile because he knew of the corrupting nature of power. Then when it was no longer his right to stand by and do nothing, like the King he is, enacted the sacred principle of self defense and and lead the Free peoples of Middle earth to victory. While along the way teaching others to Live as sovereign beings. For this Aragorn is one of the most potent fictional archtypes of modern times of how a True Anarchist and King should be.
Yet anarchism in modern times largely does not reflect this Numenorean Valor. The reason for this is that anarchism is so often confused with doing whatever one wants to do, which is actually a nihilistic or godless premise that engenders within the individual Weakness as they forsake virtue for vice, and shrink away from their responsibility to defend middle earth. Through the lens of LOTR this would actually equate most modern anarchist's with that of Sauron or more realistically Gollum who does not belong to any country or tribe and as such is not "ruled" except by his lust for the Precious, or selfish desires. Indeed the forces of communism and Capitalism have done a masterwork of injecting their godless covetous values into the world of anarchism.
Tolkien Himself is quoted in a letter he wrote to his son "My political opinions lean more and more to Anarchy (philosophically understood, meaning abolition of control not whiskered men with bombs)." And Who can deny that the most central theme of LOTR is the Corrupting nature of political power, and how it must be cast away and destroyed forever.
Further clues into the making of King can be found in the ancient Traditions of Kabbalah and Tarot, which Tolkien must have been famillair with as the themes and characters of LOTR have almost direct correlations to these traditions. Aragorn is in many respects another expression of the Kabbalistic sphere of Chessed which in hebrew means " Mercy" but is also representative of hope, Faith, and righteousness. and In the Tarot is associated with the cards "The Emperor" and "Temperance."

Temperance being one of the Key virtues in the making of an Emperor or King. The behavior of Aragorn while he stayed with the people of Rohan is one of the best examples of how he embodies these traits. He convinces King Theoden to spare Grima wormtongue's life displaying his capacity for Mercy, or Nonviolence. He displays temperance with is sexuality in his relationship with Eowyn, King Theoden's niece. Because he Loves the elf princess Arwen he defies temptation to be with Eoywn and this displays temperance and good faith for his relationship with Arwen.
The quote "The greatest ill among men is man's ignorance of god" from the Corpus Hermeticum is a great summation of the problems with anarchism today as many parrot the motto "No Gods No Masters" instead of "No Masters No slaves" For this mentality of Godless, nihilistic, atheism or conversely religious fundamentalism will not bring Anarchy into manifestation whether you would call that a stateless society or the kingdom of heaven. Many so called anarchist's are in fact archetypal weaklings while Statist's are archetypal tyrants, and this is because everyone shys away from being a King, or what is a truly sovereign being. Don't get me wrong anarchism if practiced correctly is a truly noble path. below is a Chart made by Mark Passio on how to walk such a path
Notice the terms: "internal monarch?" Well what else would that be besides a king? and also notice: "external monarch" and what else would that be besides a tyrant? The problem does not lay with kings and queens but rather with their imposters (tyrants) and those to weak to claim sovereignty, For sovereignty is the crown we all must wear.


Great Article on the true meaning of the Philosopher-King...and explanation of the Tolkien allegory.